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Kevin Mo

Not surprising. Family Guy fans are not the kind of people who tend to consider themselves "woke". I appreciate Family Guy for the observational humor and fantastic musical numbers. I would not mind the racist jokes ending at all.
Definitely, I'm all for some comedy, but I feel like with this "woke" movement, eventually we'll have none. I do miss the musical numbers though.


August Awesome
Apr 12, 2012
Sevierville TN!
But kind of wonder if the Fox animation show will cut out on the racial offensive jokes now due to this racial upheaval going on? As 30 Rock among other shows doing just that even not at all showing them to syndication.

Kevin Mo

So the Fox animated shows have each submitted one episode for consideration for Emmy Award for best animated program. Here were the episodes submitted (for Fox animation that is).

Bless the Harts - "Mega-Lo-Memories" (1BPJ07) - When the Harts' microwave breaks down, Jenny tells Violet the story of how she and Wayne met 10 years ago on Black Friday.

Bob's Burgers - "Pig Trouble in Little Tina" (9ASA04) - Tina has nightmares when she's peer pressured into dissecting a pig, while Bob tries to get a piece of earwax out.

Duncanville - "Free Range Children" (1LAZ09) - Duncan and Kimberly are tasked with going to the grocery store but end up in Mexico after getting on a truck.

Family Guy - "Peter and Lois' Wedding" (JACX05) - When the internet goes out, Peter and Lois tell the kids and Brian the story of their wedding.

The Simpsons - "Thanksgiving of Horror" (YABF19) - Three Thanksgiving stories are told in a Treehouse of Horror style including parodies of "First Thanksgiving", "Black Widow", and "Alien of Life".

In addition these episodes were submitted for comedy writing category for Emmys.

Bless the Harts - "Can't Get There From Here (A.K.A. "PILOT")" (1LBJ01) - Jenny takes a job at Bud's stripping club and Wayne teaches ostriches to do tricks to earn side hustle for Violet's expensive art school tuition.

Bob's Burgers - (10 EPISODES)

"Legends of the Mall" (9ASA05) - At the local mall, Tina fakes having a boyfriend to impress some girls, Bob goes pants shopping, Louise and Gene rent motorized animals, and Linda disrupts a book reading.

"The Hawkening: Look Who's Hawking Now" (9ASA06) - When the second half to a secret Hawk & Chick film is stolen, it's up to Louise to rescue it.

"Now We're Not Cooking with Gas" (9ASA07) - When the gas goes out, Bob is willing to do whatever it takes to cook his exotic turkey in time for the family Thanksgiving.

"Have Yourself a Maily Linda Christmas" (9ASA09) - Linda is willing to do anything it takes to get a little kid's package delivered on Christmas when it arrives a tad too late.

"Drumforgiven" (9ASA11) - Gene challenges a music employee to a electronic duel when he kicks him out of the store for not buying anything.

"A Fish Called Tina" (9ASA12) - As part of a big fish/little fish mentor program, Tina has a hard time relating to Kaylee, her little fish, and annoys her in the process, while Bob and Linda check out a nearby fitness center.

"Three Girls and a Little Wharfy" (9ASA13) - Louise joins two other girls at Wagstaff in hopes of seeing a legendary sea monster and Bob takes an online class taught by a master chef.

"Just the Trip" (9ASA17) - Nat takes the Belchers on a road trip to return a snake to her ex-girlfriend.

"The Handyman Can" (9ASA19) - After a failed handyman job, the kids help Teddy regain his confidence by telling three of their own handyman stories.

"Poops! I Didn't Do It Again" (9ASA20) - When an overnight aquarium trip is announced, Louise is excited, but becomes constipated just right before the trip, leaving her to conquer one of her biggest fears. Meanwhile, Bob, Linda, Tina, and Gene make a video for Linda's parents.

Duncanville - "Pilot" (1LAZ01) - To impress a girl he has a crush on, Duncan learns to drive, and lands himself in trouble in the process.

Family Guy - (2 EPISODES)

"Cat Fight" (JACX03) - When Quagmire opens a cat store, Brian tries to shut it down in protest, while Lois, Meg, and Chris go to religion camp.

"Rich Old Stewie" (JACX12) - After abandoning his family years into the future due to his intellect, Stewie must visit a dying Peter.

The Simpsons DID NOT submit any entries


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