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Jul 24, 2016
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This is a thread talking about FOX's Sunday Funday (specifically the animated series):

October 1, 2017
All episodes are basically "fantasy-themed"
7:30 PM (EST/PST) - Bob's Burgers - "Brunchsquatch" - Bob's competes with Jimmy by serving brunch, but things get out of control. This will be a fan animated episode.
8:00 PM (EST/PST) - The Simpsons - "The Serfsons" - In a fantasy world, Homer must save Marge's mother.
9:00 PM (EST/PST) - Family Guy - "Emmy-Nominated Episode" - Peter makes "Family Guy" more like Emmy-winning shows (i.e Modern Family)

Sun October 1st - 7:30 PM (EST/PST) - 801 - Brunchsquatch [SEASON 8 PREMIERE]
Sun October 15th - 7:30 PM (EST/PST) - 802 - The Silence of Loiuse
Sun October 22nd - 7:30 PM (EST/PST) - 803 - The Wolf on Wharf Street
Sun November 5th - 7:30 PM (EDT/PDT) - 804 - Sit Me Baby One More Time
Sun November 19th - 7:30 PM (EDT/PDT) - 805 - Thanks-Hoarding
Sun December 10th - 8:30 PM (EDT/PDT) - 806/807 - The Bleakening
Sun January 14th - 8:30 PM (EDT/PDT) - 808 - V is for Valentine-detta
Sun March 11th - 7:30 PM (EST/PST) - 809 - Y Tu Ga Ga Tambien
Sun March 18th - 7:30 PM (EST/PST) - 810 - The Secret Ceramics Room of Secrets
Sun March 25th - 7:30 PM (EST/PST) - 811 - Sleeping with the Frenemy
Sun April 1st - 7:30 PM (EST/PST) - 812 - Cheer Up Sleepy Gene
Sun April 8th - 7:30 PM (EST/PST) - 813 - The Trouble with Doubles
Sun April 15th - 7:30 PM (EST/PST) - 814 - Go Tina on the Mountain
Sun April 22nd - 7:30 PM (EST/PST) - 815 - Are You There Bob? It's Me Birthday

Sun October 1st - 9:00 PM (EST/PST) - 1601 - Emmy-Nominated Episode [SEASON 16 PREMIERE]
Sun October 8th - 9:00 PM (EST/PST) - 1602 - Foxx in the Men House
Sun October 15th - 9:00 PM (EST/PST) - 1603 - Nanny Goats
Sun October 22nd - 9:00 PM (EST/PST) - 1604 - Follow the Money
Sun November 5th - 9:00 PM (EDT/PDT) - 1605 - Three Directors
Sun November 12th - 9:00 PM (EDT/PDT) - 1606 - The D in Apartment 23
Sun November 19th - 9:00 PM (EDT/PDT) - 1607 - Petey IV
Sun December 3rd - 9:00 PM (EDT/PDT) - 1608 - Crimes and Meg's Misdemeanor
Sun December 10th - 9:30 PM (EDT/PDT) - 1609 - Don't Be a Dickens at Christmas
Sun January 7th - 9:00 PM (EDT/PDT) - 1610 - Boy (Dog) Meets Girl (Dog)
Sun January 14th - 9:00 PM (EDT/PDT) - 1611 - Dog Bites Bear
Sun March 18th - 9:00 PM (EST/PST) - 1612 - Send in Stewie Please [EXTENDED EPISODE]
Sun March 25th - 9:00 PM (EST/PST) - 1613 - V is for Mystery
Sun April 1st - 9:00 PM (EST/PST) - 1614 - Veteran Guy
Sun April 8th - 9:00 PM (EST/PST) - 1615 - The Woof on Wall Street
Sun April 22nd - 9:00 PM (EST/PST) - 1616 - Family Guy Through the Years
Sun April 29th - 9:00 PM (EST/PST) - 1617 - Switch the Flip

Sun October 1st - 8:00 PM (EST/PST) - 2901 - The Serfsons [SEASON 29 PREMIERE]
Sun October 8th - 8:00 PM (EST/PST) - 2902 - Springfield Splendor
Sun October 15th - 8:00 PM (EST/PST) - 2903 - Whistler's Father
Sun October 22nd - 8:00 PM (EST/PST) - 2904 - Treehouse of Horror XXVIII
Sun November 5th - 8:00 PM (EDT/PDT) - 2905 - Grampy Can Ya Hear Me
Sun November 12th - 8:00 PM (EDT/PDT) - 2906 - The Old Blue Mayor She Ain't What She Used to Be
Sun November 19th - 8:00 PM (EDT/PDT) - 2907 - Singin' in the Lane
Sun December 3rd - 8:00 PM (EDT/PDT) - 2908 - Mr. Lisa's Opus
Sun December 10th - 8:00 PM (EDT/PDT) - 2909 - Gone Boy
Sun January 7th - 8:00 PM (EDT/PDT) - 2910 - Haw Haw Land
Sun January 14th - 8:00 PM (EDT/PDT) - 2911 - Frink Gets Testy
Sun March 18th - 8:00 PM (EST/PST) - 2912 - Homer is Where the Art Isn't
Sun March 25th - 8:00 PM (EST/PST) - 2913 - 3 Scenes Plus a Tag From Marriage
Sun April 1st - 8:00 PM (EST/PST) - 2914 - Fears of a Clown
Sun April 8th - 8:00 PM (EST/PST) - 2915 - No Good Read Goes Unpunished
Sun April 15th - 8:00 PM (EST/PST) - 2916 - King Leer
Sun April 22nd - 8:00 PM (EST/PST) - 2917 - Lisa Gets the Blues
Sun April 29th - 8:00 PM (EST/PST) - 2918 - Forgive and Regret
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Aug 3, 2002
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Chiyo-chan's America
The season premiere week is definitely Fox screaming "Watch us instead of football, damnit!", with each of the shows relying heavily on a gimmick. At least Bob's Burgers isn't blatant about relying on its "fan art" gimmick (with me not even being aware of it until I tuned in tonight).


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Jan 31, 2010
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Laredo, TX
Interesting how all of the season premieres add something different to the shows formula.

Bob's Burgers season 8 premiere was a really trippy and random episode. I love how the whole episode was dedicated to different art styles from the fans. 9/10 (wasn't perfect because it was little too fast-paced)

The Simpsons' take on Game of Thrones was okay. It's kinda original i will give you that, but it's not anything special to write home about. Voice performance were decent although I can't help but think Julie Kavner sounded way too off here (both Marge and her mom Jackie). Animation and the visuals were appealing, I will give you that.

Family Guy is off to a really promising start. That was the funniest episode i've seen in the show since they made fun of Taylor Swift, which was last season. But in my opinion, the show had been getting better since season 14. This episode acknowledged all of the flaws it had during its downfall and it worked. I thought the self-awareness comedy was a LOT BETTER than Teen Titans GO did it, because at least it wasn't in your face. But I got so many good things to say about it, so my review will be longer (and a little more profane, which is why I'm writing it on another website).


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Feb 7, 2002
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Well, FG is the only one of the shows in the lineup I watched and I couldn't really get all that much into it. I know I said before that these days sometimes FG is better when they just have a series of shorts rather than just one plot, but in this case, it just didn't do it for me. Maybe that's because I never saw the shows they were spoofing like "Modern Family," etc. I guess this is one of those "Maybe it's me" things. But I do agree with fnaenz's comment about the 'self-awareness' gags. Seems like the writers of FG are aware that the show hasn't been all that good lately, maybe that's a sign they'll show some improvement in future eps. We'll see.


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Mar 4, 2009
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The latest Family Guy episode... Let’s just say that I’m speechless.

I’m eager for the upcoming “V is for Mystery” episode, and hope that the mystery Brian and Stewie solve will involve Brian’s now-undone death four seasons ago, and also hope they meet you-know-who.


The Face of Evil & Epicness!!!!!
Nov 7, 2004
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Season 8 of Bob's Burgers I'll enjoy, the different art style designs on the characters in Brunchsquatch was sweet/enjoyable:D.

Episode 1 of Season 16 was great/funny,

Peter hating The Simpsons, hahahahaha.
Peter wanting to win an Emmy for Family Guy.
Cool to see Sofia and Lois's anger, hahahahaha, the Lois bashing still funny:p.
Chris being Sheldon Cooper, hahahahaha.
Cheers reference, hahahahahaha.
Dr. Hartman vs. Peter, hahahahahaha:p.
Breaking Bad reference.
Mayor Adam West, so funny, he'll be missed.
Cool demon villain from another show, has a sweet design.
Peter throwing Brian/Stewie, hahahahahahaha:p.
Project Runway parts, hehehe.
Bill Maher.
The people from other shows saying why the show sucks, awesome, I agree with them, hehehe.
Ty Burrell, hehehe.
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Dec 1, 2005
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We get it Seth, you didn't like the "fade to black" ending of The Sopranos series finale, get over it.

EDIT: Oh yeah, in last night's Simpsons, was it just me, or was Disco Stu supposed to be dressed as Man-At-Arms from He-Man and the Masters of the Universe, only with different colors? It looked like it to me, which I got to say, was pretty neat.

Fone Bone

Matt Zimmer
Jan 19, 2004
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Framingham, MA
Bob's Burgers "Brunchsquatch"

What a great episode! The funny thing is that the various fan art was often better animated than the actual show, which is probably why they did it. Louise was funny this episode and I love Linda's new friend and how he wasn't really freaked out at the end.

I loved the episode. ****.

The Simpsons "The Surfsons"

Kevin Michael Richardson was great at the White Walker. Aslan was hilarious too.

Julie Kavner seems to be having a bit of trouble voicing Marge's mom. I hope she isn't sick.

The rich using the misery of workers to grow tiny wings that don't do anything was a pretty good allegory there.

I like the Puerto Rico tribute as the end, but I noticed the Gracie Films title card is missing. Is that no longer the show's production company?

Loved Billy Boyd singing the Hobbitish theme at the end.

Slightly above average. ***1/2.

Family Guy "Emmy-Winning Episode"

I'm less concerned with the tropes the series is parodying, and more tickled by the guest voices. Louis C.K. supposedly being there because his popularity has cooled down enough for him to do it, was a wry observation, and Ty Burrell's live-action chicken fight was the funniest thing ever.

And of course, The Simpsons was the one that got the buzz for the crossover. All negative buzz, but still, everyone on Family Guy is jealous.

The real reason Family Guy hasn't won an Emmy? The show sucks. I am glad the show is aware of that fact. Every year Married With Children would beg for an Emmy for Ed O'Neill as Al Bundy, and every year it was a losing proposition. Because that show sucked too. Which is why Family Guy will never win one.

Interesting fact: Family Guy WAS nominated for Best Comedy once a couple of years ago, and Seth MacFarlane has won a voice-over Emmy. But the big Best Series and Animated Series Awards? I doubt Family Guy will ever see them.

I love it whenever the show pokes fun at itself. ****.


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Oct 5, 2014
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The only thing I caught was Family Guy's Season opener, and it was a really cool one. I enjoyed the various efforts the Griffins did to try and win an emmy. I found the Modern Family spoof to be the funniest of them all, seeing Sofia Vergara as Lois was just too funny, especially on how Lois was jealous. Also I agree with Lois on Hulu Plus I may not use it always but I don't want to go back to regular Hulu when watchinh a show.
Jul 24, 2016
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October 8, 2017
8:00 PM (EST/PST) - The Simpsons - "Springfield Splendor" - Marge and Lisa turn Lisa's experiences into a pop culture hit, but they struggle with creative differences.
9:00 PM (EST/PST) - Family Guy - "Foxx in the Men House" - Peter befriends the coolest guy ever and dumps Quagmire, Joe, and Cleveland.

Due to football, there is no new episode of Bob's Burgers.


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Dec 31, 2013
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Simpsons really thought they could poke a jab at Harmon's Story Circle when this show can't even produce a basic three-act structure. That really annoyed me.

At least we had a special talent that was relevant to character history unlike many other Simpsons episodes even though it feels like they dropped the idea of Marge being an artist decades ago.

Fone Bone

Matt Zimmer
Jan 19, 2004
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Framingham, MA
The Simpsons "Springfield Splendor"

I love the Bechdal Test, but I didn't know where it originated until I saw this. I think it's something all animated things should aspire to. "Let me tell my husband about this." And the room erupts in boos. Genius.

I love Marge's thing about turtle feet, and the solution is for them to all be wearing sneakers.

"You did this to me!" I love that exclamation from the practice therapist. It was a pretty funny scenario already, but those four words just explained everything, and made it a thousand times funnier. Jokes that funny and clever are hard to come by in even the cleverest shows. The Simpsons tends to deliver. "Please don't act like you know I'm there," was another great thing.

I really enjoyed this episode a lot. Last season's premiere wasn't superb, but this was. ****1/2.

Family Guy "Foxx In The Men House"

You might be mad the entire thing is a dream, but I think it just makes it less bad that Peter's friends forgave him. Dream Quagmire was still outvoted.

I knew Striker was going to die a few seconds before he did. He seemed perfectly supportive of Peter maybe not doing all of this crazy stuff because he wasn't ready, and Peter had just nuked his bridges. Of course he had to die.

George Clooney was the second worst Batman? Who was the worst? Because I actually think it was Clooney.

I cannot believe they got Kathleen Turner to voice herself after all of the crap this show has put her through. I would have believed it more likely they had actually snagged Meryl Streep.

LOL at Stewie's "Photography Club".

"Why do you always have to be so bleeping negative all of the time?" It's weird that it's Chris asking this, because Brian should have made this observation ages ago. But it's not that Stewie is diabolical which is why he always complains. It's because he a jaded, whiny loser. Good for you, Chris.

Passable episode but nothing special. ***1/2.


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Feb 7, 2002
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The latest Family Guy episode... Let’s just say that I’m speechless.

I’m eager for the upcoming “V is for Mystery” episode, and hope that the mystery Brian and Stewie solve will involve Brian’s now-undone death four seasons ago, and also hope they meet you-know-who.
Well, don't hold your breath. Whenever we think we'll see Vinny, we're often disappointed. Though, it's not impossible. He did have a cameo in that band episode last season. It would be nice to see him interact with Brian and Stewie. We'll see.


The Face of Evil & Epicness!!!!!
Nov 7, 2004
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The Springfield Splendor was funny,

Lisa's comic Sad Girl was pretty cute/sweet with sweet goofy character designs:D.
Nice seeing Kumiko.
Both Alison Bechdel, Rachel Bloom, Roz Chast, Dan Harmon, and Marjane Satrapi guest starring was great.
Guthrie, a great funny minor villain, go Martin Short, hehehe, his Sad Girl play was funny.

Season 16 episode 2 was great/funny,

Peter/womens' bathroom moments, hahahahaha.
Meryl Streep crushing Peter, hahahahahaha:p.
Striker the coolest guy, a great new character.
Peter carnival ride gag, hahahahahaha.
George Clooney and the second worst Batman part, hehehe.
Peter crapping on his friends as usual like Brian towards Stewie, Peter is the loser himself, hehehe.
Cleveland, Glen, and Joe to kick Peter's butt was sweet.
Kathleen Turner gag, hahahahahahaha:p.
Poor Striker dead, but he was cool/likable and not a villain.
Jerry Seinfeld gag, hehehe.
Stewie's funny moments, hehehe.
Peter's fake lesson, he'll still be terrible, hehehe.
Glen mentioning Peter's suit, hahahahahaha.
Peter crashed, so deserved it next to Buttercup, Teen Titans Go! Robin, Kuzco, Stan Smith, Pizza Steve, and Cassandra for example in their deserved bashings, hehehe:p.
Striker not real, just a dream, well played.


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