Animation fans were a mistake

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Mar 2, 2018
They are nothing but rude, entitled, immature, toxic, alt-right jerkwads who whine endlessly about cartoons made for children not meeting their unrealistic expectations and harass and threaten the people working on them. It's reached the point where I can barely enjoy anything anymore since it seems like everyone on the internet is going out of their way to make me feel bad about liking anything. I'm already struggling with the fact that I might never make it into the industry since it's borderline impossible and relies solely on knowing people rather than hard work or skill, but they just make me consider giving up altogether since all I have to look forward to are spoiled brats sending me death threats for not giving them exactly what they want. It's sad how the only show that even has the guts to tell these people off, Teen Titans Go, constantly gets flamed with some people trying to harass the writers into suicide just for having the nerve to stand up for themselves and because of scheduling they have no control over. Why do people have to get so freaking angry over stupid cartoons meant for children? Why do they have to make such a big deal out of nothing?

The internet was a mistake. Fandoms were a mistake. I hope Thundercats Roar becomes Cartoon Network's new Teen Titans Go and Minions 2 becomes the highest grossing movie of all time since animation fans are awful and don't deserve anything good.
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Jan 5, 2014
I wouldn't say animation fans are a mistake. The people who make complaints like "Teen Titans Go killed my childhood" or "I hope the people who made The Emoji Movie kill themselves" are in the minority, but they're unfortunately the loudest voices, giving the misconception that all animation fans are like this.
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May 28, 2016
But a typical fandom are not exactly toxic and entitled; far from it. Almost all of it include very sweet and likable people who genuinely love their show and other people in other show fandoms. The jerkwads are a very vocal and annoying minority.

And another thing...
The internet was a mistake.
No it is not. Without the internet, most of the world wouldn't get the news, information and entertainment we need at our fingertips easily. Yeah, there are some dour parts of it I really don't think we need anymore, but to say the internet is a mistake is taking it one level too high. And oh yeah, without it, this forum among others wouldn't exist.


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Dec 3, 2017
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Didn't we already have this conversation not too long ago?


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May 20, 2013
I'm just gonna assume you use Twitter and say you should really shut it down, believe me, you'll be much happier.
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Mar 31, 2017
Fan is short for FANATIC. Being a Fanatic in anything is arguably BAD. Fanbases are indeed full of awful, narrow minded and entitled and toxic personalities. This has sadly been going on since the early days of modern fandom. It started with Scifi then anime & games and migrated and branched out infecting every other fanbase and community. The internet has sadly become a cesspool of toxic behavior over the past 20 years or so and not nearly enough people seem to care to try to do enough to stop it.

My best answer is to just ignore fanbases and only talk with people you know and trust about your interests. Because the sad truth is most human beings aren't that mentally or emotionally mature enough to not act like an awful/angry 13 year old online. And even those of us that know better in theory have trouble in practice.

Until we start having serious discussions on how to detox nerd culture online the same way we try to do with toxic work environments or industries nothing will really change. :(
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