Animated Addams Family Movie Now In Production

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I'm happy the Addams are finally coming back after many years and I'm somewhat glad it will be in animated form instead of live action even though I think there are a handful of actors who could currently perhaps portray them. However, I'm a bit skeptical when it comes to CGI. Animated tv shows and tv movies have 3D that is okay for their needs, but quite mediocre overall. If this film will come out in theaters, I hope that's the case, there's at least hope the CGI will be fairly decent and won't look entirely bad as long as they get the mood right. Hopefully this will force WB to finally release the 90s series, which was amazing, on MOD DVD. Just wondering, what does MGM have to do with this?


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I haven't see the 60s series in a long time, but it sure does really impress me that they are making a movie.


As someone who loves the original 60s series and the 90s movies/cartoon, I'm super excited about this animated movie. I hope it all goes great.

I have my doubts though about how this will do critically (especially in how the director also worked on Sausage Party,) but I hope it's faithful to the Charles Addams cartoons (if not the original series and movies at the least). Time will tell if it'll be neat and sweet or a real scree-um. (Geddit?)

Just wondering, what does MGM have to do with this?
MGM is distributing the film. It also owns the 60s series.

I haven't see the 60s series in a long time, but it sure does really impress me that they are making a movie.
It does surprise me it's get made too, but the original series is still popular today to get another movie out of it. In fact that's how the 90s movies and series and cartoons got here too.


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Huh. Black pupils for animated characters in CG. Now that's a rarity.

Kind of refreshing to see a trailer for an animated flick that isn't Disney/Pixar or any major players for that matter. MGM doesn't really produce that many nowadays, do they? Cool of the movie to stick to the original illustrated designs instead of the live action adaptations that most people probably remember. I've seen little of the original TV series, but from what I remember I enjoyed it (and who can forget that iconic theme?), so I'll be checking this movie out for sure.

Andre The Black Nerd brought up a great point in the fact that the movie could become a new Halloween movie staple if it does well at the box office. Here's hoping.


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The only thing I'm not feeling is Wednesday's odd lightbulb-shaped head. Everything else is more or less passable.

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