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Adventure Time’s finale doesn’t impact the rumored movie, says showrunner (8/31/18)

But with the end of Adventure Time just around the corner, what of the much-rumored Adventure Time movie that has been supposedly in the works since 2015?

Muto assured us that the ending of the show would not affect the potential movie — nor would the end of the show lead directly into a film.

“That was always its own sort of parallel path being followed by most of Warner Brothers,” he said.

A movie was never specifically part of the greater plan of the show (although creator Pendleton Ward was attached to write). While Muto says an eventual movie would be a cool addition to the series, he also says that he doesn’t know exactly how a movie would happen.

“All the lore and stuff would not work for a first time viewer,” he said. “These movies kind of live and fall on their accessibility.”


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BOOM! Studios will release a new Adventure Time comic series focusing on Marceline & Simon, set after the events of the finale.
The new Adventure Time: Marcy & Simon series will run for 6 issues, and will be written by Olivia Olson (Marceline on Adventure Time) and drawn by Slimm Fabert (Adventure Time comic series). The new series is set to hit in January of 2019 and will take place after the show's series finale as Marceline aims to help Simon in his quest to atone for his previous time as the Ice King.


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