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Apr 12, 2016
[adult swim]/TOONAMI Live Simulcast - December 2020 Premiere Info. Schedule is complete.
[From December 1st to January 4th, 2021]

(NOTE: It may be confusing to some about which days shows actually premiered or aired new episodes for Adult Swim. This is due to the fact that because AS usually premieres episodes after 12:00 AM, episode titles may contrast with the actual date they aired (for example, William Stream). I am listing the actual dates they aired. So for example, if a show is advertised as "Saturday night at 1:00 AM," even though it actually airs it actually airs Sunday morning at 1:00 AM (Assassination Classroom), I will still list them as Sunday morning at 12:00 AM, just so I can be consistent.)
[Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 2021!]

Lazor Wulf
Mon December 7th - 12:00 AM (EST) - (Episode 11/Episode 12) - "Still Dying to Eat"/"If That Was Tomorrow. This Is Today." [HALF HOUR SEASON PREMIERE]
Mon December 14th - 12:00 AM (EST) - (Episode 13) - "Unoccupied Lane" [OFFICIAL PREMIERE]
Mon December 14th - 12:15 AM (EST) - (Episode 14) - "The End is High"
Mon December 21st - 12:00 AM (EST) - (Episode 15/Episode 16) - "We Good?"/"Where You Stay?"
Mon January 3rd - 12:00 AM (EST) - (Episode 17/Episode 18) - "Prolly for the Better?"/"Keep Going"

Tue December 22nd - 4:00 AM (EST) - "Danny Ketchup"

American Dad!
Sun December 27th - 9:30 PM (EST) - (Episode 300) - "Yule. Tide. Repeat." [SEASON FINALE] [CHRISTMAS SPECIAL]

Off the Air

Tue December 29th - 4:00 AM (EST) - (Episode 37/Episode 38) - "Dreams"/"Progress"


Sword Art Online Alicization: War of Underworld
Sun December 6th - 12:30 AM (EST) - (Episode 89) - "Code 871"
Sun December 13th - 12:30 AM (EST) - (Episode 90) - "Prince of Hell"
Sun January 3rd - 12:30 AM (EST) - (Episode 91) - "Memories"

Fire Force
Sun December 6th - 1:00 AM (EST) - (Episode 28) - "Groping Through the Fire"
Sun December 13th - 1:00 AM (EST) - (Episode 29) - "Corna (Sign of the Devil)"
Sun January 3rd - 1:00 AM (EST) - (Episode 30) - "The Time to Choose"

Assassination Classroom
Sun December 6th - 1:30 AM (EST) - (Episode 13) - "Talent Time"
Sun December 13th - 1:30 AM (EST) - (Episode 14) - "Vision Time"
Sun January 3rd - 1:30 AM (EST) - (Episode 15) - "End-of-Term Time"

Gēmusetto Machu Picchu Part 2: Death Beat(s)
Sun December 6th - 2:00 AM (EST) - (Episode 13/Episode 14) - "Episode Seven: EbMaj7"/"Episode Eight: E9"
Sun December 13th - 2:00 AM (EST) - (Episode 15/Episode 16) - "Episode Nine: Fdim"/"Episode Ten: F#Min7"
Mon December 21st - 1:00 AM (EST) - (Episode 17/Episode 18/Episode 19/Episode 20) - "Episode Eleven: G13"/"Episode Twelve: Ab7#11"/"Episode Thirteen: Play to D.C. al Coda"/"Episode Fourteen: al Fine" [ONE HOUR SEASON FINALE]

Naruto Shippuden

Sun December 6th - 2:30 AM (EST) - (Episode 320) - "Run, Omoi!"
Sun December 13th - 2:30 AM (EST) - (Episode 321) - "Reinforcements Arrive"
Sun January 3rd - 2:30 AM (EST) - (Episode 322) - "Madara Uchiha"

Toonami Movies & Specials
Sun December 20th - 12:00 AM (EST) - Wonder Woman: Bloodlines
Sun December 20th - 1:45 AM (EST) - Justice League: The New Frontier
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Two new DC movies air next Saturday, and the Death Beats finale has been moved outside of Toonami.



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Jul 13, 2003
Figured they would have aired the WW titles on the 26th but I guess they want to do that before the premiere plus they're doing a FanDome event for WW '84 that week, too.

Guess it's a marathon of something else that night. Wow, so tomorrow night is the last night of new episodes this year.
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