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Parting is such sweet sorrow
Mar 3, 2009
Yeah, I like this episode, and it's one of my favorites, having bought it on ITunes, but I need to nitpick at it for a while.

1. Throughout his entire trip through the post office, no one noticed him, yet there were moments were he could've just as easily been spotted. Examples:

A. When a claw pulls Tommy away from the vase (Which he mistook for the baby early on), he starts crying for a few seconds. Unless the machines were loud, there's no way anyone could not notice him crying. However a machine places a stamp on his mouth as if to quiet him, so who knows...

B. He rides a dolley full of packages all the way over to the next conveyor belt, causing lots of loud crashing noises when it falls, and when he realizes the case is not the baby, he knocks it over and it hits the ground, smashed into pieces. In fact, just the fact that we was travelling around on conveyor belts, being weighed, and sliding down chutes (One of which has a loop-de-loop, oddly enough) could easily been spotted, and yet the adults are so oblivious. However, this final example below is what really made me wonder "How could no one a baby was there?"

C. This requires a screenshot...

In this scene above, Tommy is sliding across the table from that chute (I wonder what it's called, BTW), screaming and knocking over packages, IN FRONT OF 3 WORKERS AND A SURVEILLANCE CAMERA THAT'S WATCHING THAT ROOM. Someone must be slacking off in the security room to not notice that.


12 - 6 cloud?
Apr 11, 2009
Willful suspension of disbelief. Cartoons like this aren't supposed to use lots of logic.


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