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Dec 27, 2015
Demarest, NJ
When I was a kid, Electric Soldier Porygon was my favorite episode due to the Chanseys running around in the scene where Nurse Joy is getting calls from the Pokémon Center.
Now, as a teenager who loves Toonami, I absolutely hate the fact that they didn't use a virus as the main villain for the episode and only alluded to one by having Nurse Joy and the technician think Team Rocket and Ash and friends are a virus. Swayzak (villain from Toonami's "Trapped in Hyperspace" event) made me a fan of computer virus villains.

So, I decided to brainstorm what it would have been like if there were a virus in the episode. This was 5 years before Trapped in Hyperspace, so the virus wouldn't be like Swayzak. Instead, I'll assume the Pokémon crew had seen ReBoot, and thus the virus would be a lot like Megabyte.

BUT. In the beginning of the episode, Ash imagines what a computer virus is like, and it shows a Baikinman (Anpanman) like character. In the computer world, the anti-virus is represented by a vaccine. So, it must be logical that viruses are represented by literal viruses. But it says humans and viruses are the same thing to the anti-virus, so either it must be like the white blood cells in most Fantastic Voyage plots (Teen Titans episode "Crash" anyone?!) or viruses look more like humans (Swayzak looked sort of like a human.)

Is there anyone else who cares enough to tell me what your take on this hypothetical virus would be like?


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