A Wild Hare (1940) - Your Thoughts?

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Mar 23, 2005
What do you guys think of Bugs' official debut as Bugs (not counting his conflict with Porky [Porky's Hare Hunt - 1938])? I think it's a brilliant episode and one of my favorite cartoons of all time. I love the great quote -

"Now, don't go spreadin this around, but...confidentially...

...I AM A WABBIT!!!"

Fibber Fox

Jan 2, 2009
It unfolds rather nicely and we get several clever bits that go on to be used in variations over and over again.

I think the slower pace makes the characters a little more believable in this case. I'm sure you could quicken the pace and add twice as many gags and you'd still have a good cartoon, but it works well as it is.

F. Fox


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