A Sixth Season Of Hey Arnold Isn't Happening On Nickeloddeon

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Jan 5, 2014
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It depends on if Craig Bartlett will have time to produce a possible season 6. Dinosaur Train was put on hold so he could work on The Jungle Movie, and he's still working on Ready Jet Go. Then again, his frequent collaborator Joe Purdy is the showrunner for the preschool series Llama Llama on Netflix , so it could happen.


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May 12, 2018
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As much as I am fine with The Jungle Movie being the finale, I am also a little nonplussed at what Nick thought was going to happen with the ratings? They did a very poor job of advertising the special, they put it out "accidentally" on their website a few hours before the airing and I don't think they count Nielsen views from their website, and it wasn't uploaded to Hulu the next day when the entire series is on there.

I would have hoped that with Cyma gone the new leadership would have looked at all of these forced errors and at least given them a season order.

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Oct 22, 2012
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This is good that it's not getting season 6. This show already has enough seasons. I only liked seasons 1-2.
Really? I am currently on season 3 and I don't think the tone is any different from season 2.

There are a few "eras", though:
-season 1 part 1
-season 1 part 2
-season 2 and 3
-season 4, 5 and the movie
-last episodes of season 5
-the Jungle movie
Jan 26, 2018
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