A fight to the death - but who wins..?

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Inque might be at a disadvantage if Shriek hits her with a sound blast, disintegrating her and blowing her pieces into the cheap seats...and no telling how Blight's radiation would affect her...substance (for lack of a better word). She might play possum for a while until the last one or two goons is standing, then pull herself together and go in for a sneak attack. Frontal attacks really aren't her style. Rat Boy and Olly would probably be the first to go, then Stalker (at such close quarters with no cover, his guerilla tactics would be useless), then Ma Meyhem and her boys (though she might have an edge with her bulk and the fact that only a scumbag would hit a dame--then again, everyone in the ring is a scumbag), followed by the Jokerz, who would either get pummeled silly or get bored and leave on their own. Blight would probably be the last one standing, barring radiation poisoning or a massive coronary.


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Apr 24, 2001
Gotham, New York
Judging from "Plague", my perfered Stalker episode, I think Stalker would last longer than those who'd be the second or third to lose out. His fighting and animation in that episode were excellent.

But I don't think he could beat Blight at all, or even Inque. So I'd say the last two standing would be the two of them. Who would win? My choice is Blight. A secluded fighting arena without any tools or weapons in it? She could last for a while, but not too long, IMO.


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May 2, 2001
Long Island, NY
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the only person i could see giving him abit of a hard time is Mr. Freeze or Mr. J, but technically they wouldnt be in the fight since they arent really bb villians.



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Apr 27, 2001
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I think!


I think the person who would be standing would have to be Spellbinder, the reason for this is that Spellbinder would just play with everybodys mind and have them see what there biggest fear is just like in the episode "Spellbinder". Then all Spellbinder would have to do when everyone is trying to fight off what there seeing is knock them out with some kind of a weapon.

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Man of Steel

Originally posted by Man of Steel
I think the person who would be standing would have to be Spellbinder...[he] would just play with everybody's mind...Then all Spellbinder would have to do when everyone is trying to fight off what there seeing is knock them out with some kind of a weapon.
It depends on how big the arena is. At close range Spelly's tricks and doohickeys would be useless; if he whipped one out it'd be slapped out of his hands/broken. Stalker, as I said, would fare no better; if he can't hide and use sneak attacks he'd be too vulnerable. Ditto for Inque; she hates face-to-face fighting and would rather hide in shadows, or strike and run. Mad Stan needs elbow room to throw a bomb; also, he has to be able to get out of range when it blows--he's not crazy enough to get himself blown to Bacos to make a point. Quite a few villians' favorite tactics would be hampered in tight quarters, really.
Jun 12, 2001
NW Arkansas
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Ah, but if Spellbinder set the illusion that he was ALREADY dead and then played possum until the last standing villain (which would probably be Blight), who would be worn out after such a big battle, and then hit him with an illusion of a wave of Gotham's Finest (ie: cops) coming at him until he used up the last of his energy fighting off the illusions and then *WHAMMO* hit him on the head with a rock. Game over.
'Course, there's always Mad Stan. He could just walk in and keep lobbing grenades at all of them until they dropped.
Or Golem could just stomp 'em.
Or...or...oh no, I've gone all cross-eyed:(

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