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May 6, 2001

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I knew this about my depression over the past couple of days but it was nice being right. It will get better. And it has for me.

If you ever have a day where you feel unloved and unhappy know that it's not forever and things can and will get better. And you'll want to be there for that. I want you there too.
Can we go back to calling it "Spider Sense"? "Spidey Sense" sounds like something you'd hear on a kiddie show.
Finished KnY/Demon Slayer. It's like the ideal image of a completely forgettable shonen template - the characters have little personality, the powers make no sense, the fights go on FOREVER, and all the most interesting aspects are completely ignored while the worst characters get rewarded. I have no clue how this managed to last 200 chapters and get a high-budget adaptation.

Here's an article I wrote that's about something I don't usually talk about. I'm thinking of making more like this, but when I'm up for it.
Tomorrow I will switch my avatar and banner: this is also to test if that system works fine.
If not, then I have to use 3rd party image uploader sites unfortunately, just for that purpose. :(

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