2021 on Cartoon Network / Boomerang / Adult Swim Predictions


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Feb 27, 2017
What are your hopes and predictions for the Cartoon Network, Boomerang, and Adult Swim in 2021?

Cartoon Network- Elliot from Earth will premiere sometime next year after its premiere on CN Internationally. Ben 10 will have a sequel series announced. An Amazing World of Gumball movie will be announced. They will announce a CN preschool block and Batwheels and Lucas The Spider will air on there.

Boomerang- It will finally distribute its HD feed to cable and satellite providers. It will air repeats of Cartoon Network’s preschool programs. The streaming service will shut down later in 2021 with programs moving to HBO Max and other platforms.


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Sep 16, 2013
Brierley Hill, UK
Cartoonito will be introduced in the U.S. as a pre-school block for a new slate of original programming and Tom Ascheim will work with WarnerMedia EMEA's new Head of Kids Channels and Brands, Vanessa Brookman to launch the block and section on HBO Max, Tom Ascheim is one of Vanessa's two bosses. WarnerMedia Names Vanessa Brookman Head of Kids for Europe | Hollywood Reporter

The Boomerang channel will continue to exist in limbo, with occasional surprise changes to the schedule, it might be a year or two before its eventual closure.

The Boomerang streaming service will continue to exist, according to Tom Ascheim, the streaming service has been a growing success, but the decision to keep it, is a decision for the higher-ups at WarnerMedia and AT&T to make (this goes for the channel too). The manager of the Boomerang Streaming Service - Sundance Feniger was given a promotion to become WB GKYAC's Head of Digital Enterprises with Boomerang still in his purview. Source: Sundance Feniger Named Head of Warner Bros. GKYAC

Elliott from Earth will be popular amongst Gumball fans.

Unicorn: Warriors Eternal will be popular among Adult Swim's demographic despite it being a CN show, it may appeal to the Steven Universe crowd.

We will hear more about a Gumball movie next year, the franchise is been kept alive in one way or another, whether it's clip shows or new games, including a new mobile game that was launched this week.

Toonami will have a better relationship with Sony as WarnerMedia will no longer be seen as a competitor following the sale of Crunchyroll to Funimation, but Toonami will lose out on future collaborations/co-productions/originals as well as access to Crunchyroll's library. The dubs from Sony are more important to Toonami, this could be seen as a net gain.

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Oct 22, 2012
It is also possible that Tom Ascheim invents a new name for Cartoonito. He also invented a new one for ABC Family.


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Dec 29, 2017
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  • Ben 10 will get a sequel series announced. Due to the Reboot's surprising amount of success since 2010, I'm expecting them to increase their budget given its fourth season actually increased in animation. I also hope if it's a Reboot sequel, they keep the same art style or slightly upgrade it.
  • Ben 10 specials also get advertising treatments like Omni-Tricked, Innervasion and VS The Universe. (For those not aware, Ben 10 was given additional episodes like Season 3, only the remaining episodes will be aired as specials, treated like Adventure Time Distant Lands, and labeled as "Season 5.")
  • New preschool block since Batwheels & other properties were announced, I imagine Total Dramarama and We Baby Bears may join them too.
  • Tiny Toons, We Baby Bears, Unicorn: Warriors Eternal and Elliott from Earth gets good reception.
  • The Amazing World of Gumball's movie gets announced for late 2021-early 2022. I also expect a trailer to air during Comic Con 2021.
  • MaoMao, Craig of the Creek, and other series gets renewed another season.
  • Series that were moved to HBO Max join Cartoon Network's lineup including Tig N Seek, Fungies, Summer Camp Island Season 3 and Adventure Time: Distant Lands. (It's wishful thinking but crazier have happened.)
  • More cartoons for both kids and adults are announced for both Cartoon Network and HBO Max.
  • Ed Edd N Eddy, Codename: KND, and The Grim Adventures of Billy & Mandy get added to HBO Max.
  • Boomerang moves more of its series to HBO Max given they will probably either close the app or the channel in 2021-2022.
  • With the CW creating a live action Powerpuff Girls series in 2021, I hope Cartoon Network airs either the original or the 2016 series, or they really promote their animated series, I'm good with either.
  • Toonami gets a good relationship with Sony given they now have access to both Funimation and Crunchyroll.
  • Toonami's originals also perform well with its audience and the block doesn't shrink any more than it has. (I don't expect ratings to increase, but it would be a miracle if they were back to 2019 or 2018's numbers.)
  • Toonami also announces a new Total Immersion Event.


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Oct 28, 2016
My Predictions:

  • BeIN agreement expires, and both Cartoon Network and Boomerang returns back to OSN, due to Saudi-Qatari conflict, which lost viewers on satellite in the country due to beIN Ban in Saudi Arabia in 2017, and led to continuation for broadcasting them in Saudi via Jawwy TV.
  • CN Hindi HD (MENA) shutting down on satellite after beIN agreement expiration, and being replaced by CN Arabic HD+ (The Newly CN MENA), while continuing on Du, Etisalat, and Ooredoo TV Qatar and won't last for one complete year without beIN until it shuts down.
  • After going back to OSN, Cartoon Network MENA splits slowly into CN Arabic HD+ (The current CN MENA HD Channel) and CN English (CN Africa by April). On January, beIN Agreement Expiration Day, CN MENA ceases transmission first in Cyprus and switches back to CN Africa (Also, Including Boomerang's Current Feed (MENA) in both Cyprus and Greece, which will switch the feed alongside with its sister channel, Cartoon Network) before launching CN Arabic HD+ in the MENA region to replace CN MENA, and CET Time gets dropped from the channel on the same day, moving back to CN Africa, as CN MENA is moving its transmission slot to CN Hindi HD via satellite by April 1st, and promos will fully be in Arabic only before becoming CN Arabic HD+ on the same day, April 1st.
  • CN CEE, CN NL, and CN RSEE are bringing DOG size back to normal, while Boomerang CEE is changing its logo to Opaque and move the DOG to Boomerang MENA position, and uses the HD logo used by Boomerang MENA, and adds English text in promos.
  • New! New! New! New! will be removed from CN Arabic and will air new episodes promos for other shows like in pre-2018, premiering in specific time rather than 16:00 KSA.
  • Cartoonito to be aired again on Boomerang in Europe (and Africa?!) again, after being aired on CN Turkey in 2018 and returned back to CN Arabic on March/April 2019.
  • Boomerang MENA will be split to Boomerang English (Boomerang Africa by April) and Boomerang Arabic (Currently Boomerang MENA; becoming FTA), and launches BoomerangArabic.com Site.
  • Due to relations between UAE and Israel, WarnerMedia linear channels will be available on all providers in Israel again, incl. Boomerang, TCM, and Cartoon Network (Also, including Cartoon Network Arabic).
  • After Brexit, Malta ceases transmission of WarnerMedia UK Channels (Incl. CN UK, Boomerang UK, TCM Movies, except Cartoonito UK), and replaces them with WarnerMedia Italia (CN Italy SD/HD/+1 and Boomerang Italy, plus adding Join-ventured Cartoonito Italia), and English Channels from either WarnerMedia MENA or the African Versions with Maltese Subtitle/Audio Tracks being added to the channels.
  • CN Poland and CN NL won't last long with Czech license and will revoke their current license, replacing them with Dutch and Polish license.
  • Due to Managements takeover, CN Arabic will be available on DStv in Arabic-speaking Sub-Saharan Countries, incl. Sudan, South Sudan, Djibouti, Mauritania, and Somalia, like CN PT in Angola and Mozambique.
  • Russia will split from South Eastern Europe (SEE), and launch a Russian separated channel like Disney Channel Russia (Kanal Disney). The SEE countries incl. Balkan, Bulgaria, and Ukraine have their right to switch feeds to CEE and become CN Europe (CN Eastern Europe), go with African or MENA feed if no money for launching feed for these countries, or get their own feed separately if necessary wanted to.
  • CN CEE, CN RSEE, CN Poland, and CN NL will get Dimensional Next Bumpers from either CN Arabic or CN Nordic.
  • CN Asia-Pacific and CN EMEA Channels will have their own idents and bumpers like in Arrow Era and New Wave Era until new logo and new look from CN USA appears.
  • CN Pakistan will be separated in management from WarnerMedia South Asia and will get CN Asia Bumpers instead of Check it 1.0. Also, schedule will be changed and will be the same as CN HD+ (India) and CN Asia.
  • Boomerang Thailand is shutting down next year, and is replaced by Boomerang Asia. The channel will shut down at between 5:00 to 7:00 AM during half of the show.
  • Apple & Onion and TTG gets their final seasons. TTG will have finale by late 2021, before starting a new different Teen Titans series. For Apple & Onion, it'll get cancelled for good.
  • After Shahid VIP launched in USA & Canada, CN Arabic will finally be launched there for live streaming, instead of being added to Dish Network Arabic packages and Sling TV.
  • PPG (2016) returns back again for special episodes, after announcing Live Action series for The CW.
  • More reboots are coming and bigger than the amount during Christina Miller’s Era.
  • Ben 10 (2016/2017) is ended, and might launch another Ben 10 Series like Ben 10 Alien Force and Ben 10 Omniverse during Tom Aschiem Era.
  • Cartoon Network West will no longer be available, and is replaced by CN En Español, and will be the second US Spanish-speaking channel from WarnerMedia with their own brand after CNN En Español, and the third US Spanish-speaking channel from WarnerMedia after HBO Latino and CNN En Español.
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May 17, 2009
Horton's Mind
  • PPG (2016) returns back again for special episodes, after announcing Live Action series for The CW.
Why in the world would you want that? Hasn't that series done enough damage to the franchise? I sincerely doubt that's going to happen anyway.
Speaking of which, my hope is that CN doesn't kill off their other franchises with horrible reboots.


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Oct 28, 2016
Why in the world would you want that? Hasn't that series done enough damage to the franchise? I sincerely doubt that's going to happen anyway.
Speaking of which, my hope is that CN doesn't kill off their other franchises with horrible reboots.
It’s just prediction after they announce the creation of a live action version of PPG. Who knows, maybe they’ll air the original instead of bringing the reboot series back for new episodes, and besides that they’ll promote the live action series.


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Aug 21, 2018
One thing I wish is that CN permanently takes the 9PM hour.
I hope for a Gumball Movie
More originals on CN and HBO Max
A Brand new rebrand with a more evolved version of the current logo

Micahel Cataldo

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Oct 24, 2015
Here's my prediction for Boomerang 2021:

Instead of airing preschool shows, they should air classic cartoons like they did in the past.

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Aug 5, 2012
Washington, DC
Here are my 2021 predictions for Cartoon Network, Boomerang, and Adult Swim.

Cartoon Network:
  • Batwheels premieres this year
  • We get our first look at Unicorn: Warriors Eternal at San Diego Comic-Con
Adult Swim:
  • Lazor Wulf Season 3 premieres this year
  • Rick and Morty Season 5 premieres this year
  • A special marathon will happen in September to celebrate Adult Swim's 20th anniversary
  • Close Enough will make its television debut on the network to promote HBO Max
  • Adult Swim permanently loses the 8pm hour after Family Guy leaves this Fall
  • Toonami's originals, Fena: Pirate Princess, Blade Runner: Black Lotus, and Uzumaki, premiere this year, as scheduled
    • Uzumaki and Fena are well-received, while Blade Runner gets mixed reviews
  • Toonami does special nights for the HBO Max (and theater) debuts of Mortal Kombat, The Matrix 4, and The Suicide Squad by airing Mortal Kombat Legends: Scorpion's Revenge, The Animatrix, and Suicide Squad: Hell to Pay, respectively
  • Toonami finally airs Mob Psycho 100 Season 2 sometime after the Sony acquisition of Crunchyroll closes
  • Toonami airs Dr. Stone Season 2, The Promised Neverland Season 2, and My Hero Academia Season 5, Jujutsu Kaisen, Appare-Ranman!, Deca-Dence, and Akudama Drive
  • Warner Bros. Animation finally announces an original DC cartoon for Toonami (and possibly HBO Max)
  • Streaming service shuts down, most of its catalog moves to HBO Max
  • Channel leans more heavily into classic cartoons
  • Tom and Jerry gets a marathon to promote the live-action movie's debut on HBO Max (and in theaters)


Dec 26, 2020
My predictions for CN in 2021:

The Amazing World of Gumball: The Movie premieres

TTG, Ben 10, Craig, V&V, A&O, Total Dramarama, DCSHG, Mao Mao, Fungies, and Tig N Seek are renewed.

The Fungies, Tig N Seek, and Adventure Time: Distant Lands premiere on tv.

Ninjago and bakugan are cancelled.

CN greenlights more pilots and make them into full series.

We Baby Bears, Elliot from Earth, Tiny Toon Looniversity, Prince Ivandoe, Unicorn Warriors Eternal, and Unlimited Squirrels premiere and are hits.

Overall, this year on CN will be better than 2020.


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