2 yrs ago to this day Gundam Wing premeired on Toonami (How would you have ended it?)

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I.R Joey

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May 3, 2001
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"Picking up something on radar sir. It's the enemy"
"Oh no it's a Spoiler!!!"

*Entire mechanical suit regimine knocked out.* ....

I was just thinking about the end of Gundam Wing and how I did enjoy the show (I also like the U.C so no I'm not a brainless fanboy, and yes by my own admission it did shamelessly steal from previous Gundams.) and I though it's ending was one of my personal favorites (poetry IMO when Hero's falling towards the earth and screaming "I Will survive" instead of "I'm going to go kill myself) That's my argument for how there was development in the charecter but oh well. Also I loved the part with Herro and Rellena at the end with her ripping up his invite, akin to the 1st ep. I thought there was some lovely tension between the two charecters. But I would have at least had them share one kiss before he left to go fight Zechs, I mean him just giving her one big passionate smooch, then pushing her into that escape vehicle. (And Jojo agrees with me I think.) Would have worked perfectly (sorry Yaoi fans but this needed to be there.)

I felt that the insanity of Zech was somewhat sudden, I mean it was implied throughout the series, but it was kinda suprising when he tried to shoot the earth. That's one of the fundamental diffrences I find between Zech and one of my favorite anime charecters from which Zech was cloned (my Buddy Mr Char) you see with Char you always knew that he was plotting something, and he never really made you think he was this ultra honerable person like Zech (let's face it Char would be completly underhanded when he needed to be, but Zech always made sure he fought his foe on even turf.) Anyway, I would have made a few more direct refrences to Zech's unstability, and how he's still scared over the fall of his dad's kingdom.

And in Endless Waltz I would have kept him dead personally, I felt that his place there was kinda forced, as if the creators put him there just so he could have a purpouse.

On the subject of the OAV, I'd also say that I would have kept the old Gundam designs in the flashback simpley for continuity's sake, then they could have explained how the upgraded the Gundams in the time between the end of the t,V series and the start of the OAV something like this.

Duo: It'll be pretty weird not having these guys around.

Quatre: Yeah we even had them upgraded in case we needed them, but the world has moved towards peace, as long as weapons like these exist people will think about fighting.

and that's all that would have been needed.

Other then that I thought the series ended perfectly.


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Jan 6, 2002
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Gundam Wing is my favorite gundam series, I know that's probably tantamount to sacrilege to the UC fans, but that's just what I think.

In my opinion Zech's character transition made perfect sense. He was already a little nuts because he lost his country and parents when he was very young. He joined OZ and helped Treize take over the alliance so that he could get his country back. He gives the country to his younger, more innocent, sister and then the Romafeller foundation finds the Sanc Kingdom a thorn in their side, so they get rid of it. So Zechs loses his country AGAIN! This probably didn't help his mental state any, so he really loses it. But another thing to remember, he is one of the few people that pilots a suit that is equipped with the zero system. The zero system told Heero that Zechs's chosen path was leading him to death. It stands to reason that Zechs also knew where his present course was taking him. Maybe he was only filling the role in history that he felt was his true path. Scaring the earth and the colonies into peace might have been his ultimate goal.

In the OAV he should have stayed dead, I agree with that part, he really didn't serve much of a purpose in the movie.

The Gundams should have stayed the same as well. I liked the color of the heavy arms in Endless Waltz, but the original designs were fine. Wing Zero did not need to have feathers. It also would have been better for continuity.

In my mind, the series is still the best to have ever aired on toonami.


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Feb 8, 2002
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One of the major storypoints of Endless Waltz deals with what soldiers do if there is no war to fight.
Every soldier (well, the non-evil ones) has someone to be with at the end.

...and Zechs had to be with Noin.


Lost in the Undertow
Jan 6, 2002
2 years, eh? Thats cool. GW holds a special place in my heart, being the show that not only made me a Toonami fan, but an anime fan as well. :D

I however have different opinions about the ending. Like many shows (Eva, Outlaw Star, etc...) the show takes a nosedive at the end. I felt the whole White Fang saga was way too drawn out, resulting in a bunch of filler episodes (something we barely had in the first 36 episodes of the show before White Fang showed up). It got better in the final 3 episodes, but as Endless Waltz showed us, even that battle ended up being meaningless because it didn't stop war.

Dunno, it still remains a pretty good show IMO, but I'm never gonna be too fond of those last 10 episodes or so.

kurai akuma

Jan 9, 2002
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Two years, huh? I didn't even realize it. I can still remember being in amazement after seeing those GW promos sending out the message that it was heading to Toonami. While I'm more of a fan of UC Gundam, I am also a big fan of GW. GW was a benchmark series for Toonami & it exposed alot of people (like me) to Gundam for the first time. I can also recall the endless wait for Endless Waltz, but it was well worth it. Thanks to GW we got to see MSG (at least most of it) & alot of other Gundam series we probably wouldn't have seen otherwise if it weren't for GW's success.

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