1988-89 Saturday Mornings

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king of cool
Mar 6, 2016
CBS. When Saturday rocks, on CBS!
8:00 raggedy ann and andy
8:30 superman
9:00 muppet babies
10:00 pee-wee's playhouse
10:30 Garfield and friends
11:00 hey vern, its ernest
11:30 flip
12:00 mighty mouse
12:30 cbs storybreak

ABC. Something's Happening!
8:00 beany and cecil
8:30 new adventures of winnie-the-pooh
9:30 real Ghostbusters
10:30 pup named Scooby-doo
11:00 bugs bunny and tweety
12:00 animal crack-ups
12:30 weekend special

NBC. Come Home
8:00 kissyfur
8:30 gummi bears
9:00 smurfs
10:00 alf/alftales hour
11:00 the chipmunks
11:30 misadventures of ed grimley
12:00 2 Hip 4 TV


king of cool
Mar 6, 2016
8:00 Kissyfur/raggedy ann
8:30 new adv of winnie-the-pooh/superman
9:00 muppet babies
10:00 alf-alftales hour/ pee-wee
10:30 Garfield and friends/ occasionally pup named Scooby-doo
11:00 bugs bunny and tweety
12:00 mighty mouse
12:30 cbs storybreak

Alftales was better than alf. Would've watched the alf cartoon more if it was against weaker competition.

Kissufur was good,but smurfs was better. Never got into gummi bears for some reason. Didn't watch smurfs much anymore and i quit chipmunks altogether. I didn't realize until later that chipmunks changed animation studios, Ruby Spears was so much better.

Zorak Masaki

Well-Known Member
May 6, 2002
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Watched Kissyfur, Superman, Real Ghostbusters, Pee Wee, Garfield, Hey Vern, Ed Grimley, and 2 Hip 4 TV (which didnt last long and was replaced with Fat Albert, which I also watched).


Ravioli, Ravioli
Aug 3, 2002
Chiyo-chan's America
When it came to the new animated shows on CBS, it definitely felt like the theme of the season was celebrating the anniversaries of various franchises (the 70th anniversary of the public debut of Raggedy Ann, the 50th anniversary of Superman, the 10th anniversary of Garfield).


Well-Known Member
Jun 9, 2002
Troy NY
Had a small portable set in the kitchen, so I watched Superman every week. Had it been on later in the morning, it might've been renewed.

2 Hip 4 TV (w/Colin Quinn from Remote Control) lost its audience after the Seoul Olympics and never recovered. Ahmet Zappa was gone, replaced with Barry Sobel (227), and, as Zorak said, it was canned, replaced with reruns of New Archies (a bomb a year earlier) and Fat Albert (which I didn't remember NBC acquiring, but since Cosby anchored their Thursday night lineup.....!)

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This week was really good for me! Not only is Amphibia premiering very soon, but we're also getting Banjo & Kazooie in Smash Brothers!

Coincidentally, both involve a tall brown character with a backpack travelling with a smaller talking animal companion.
I'm not entirely convinced Men in Black International is a finished product.
Me: Oh BOY. I can't wait to watch the LIVE premiere of Amphibia tomorrow at 10! I'm so proud of myself for avoiding the first few episodes on the app.
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