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1986-87 Saturday Morning

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king of cool

abc- together
8:00 wuzzles
8:30 care bears family
9:00 flintstone kids
10:00 real ghostbusters
10:30 pound puppies
11:00 bugs bunny & tweety
11:30 ewoks
12:00 weekend special
12:30 american bandstand

cbs- share the spirit
8:00 berenstain bears
8:30 wildfire
9:00 muppet babies
10:00 galaxy high
10:30 teen wolf
11:00 pee-wee's playhouse
11:30 puppy's great adventures (this doesn't sound correct, i think it really was CBS Storybreak)
12:00 hulk hogan's rock n' wrestling

nbc- come home
8:00 kissyfur
8:30 gummi bears
9:00 smurfs
10:30 alvin and the chipmunks
11:00 foofur
11:30 it's punky brewster
12:00 lazer tag academy
12:30 kidd video

crappy year for cbs, all their new cartoons that year sucked. Their new bumpers that year (the paint can) were lame and crappy.

I watched...
8:00 kissyfur
8:30 care bears family
9:00 muppet babies/flintstone kids
10:00 smurfs
10:30 alvin and the chipmunks (occasionally pound puppies)
11:00 bugs bunny and tweety (i don't think I realized bugs was still on abc now until this season in the later timeslot)
11:30 cbs storybreak
12:00 abc weekend special (if animated)
12:30 kidd video

Zorak Masaki

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I watched Wuzzles, Wildfire, Flintstone Kids, Real Ghostbusters, Pee-Wee's Playhouse, It's Punky Brewster, and Lazer Tag Academy.

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