10 Year Anniversary: The End of "4KidsTV" (aka "FoxBox")

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Mar 22, 2002
Springfield, MO
Today marks the 10 year anniversary of the end of the "4Kids TV" block. This was also the end of Saturday Morning cartoons on the Fox TV channel.

"4KidsTV' originally aired as "FoxBox", starting on September 14th, 2002. It was renamed "4KidsTV" on January 22nd, 2005, but it eventually ended on December 27th, 2008.

Probably the premiere show that aired on it was the 2003 "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles" (a show that lasted for almost the entirety of 4KidsTV's time on the air, though it's last season aired on "The CW 4 Kids", if I recall). There were other popular shows though, including "Sonic X", "Kirby: Right Back At Ya!", "Yu-Gi-Oh GX" and "Winx Club".

Interestingly, "4KidsTV" came to an end because of "Kids WB" coming to an end in 2008. "4Kids Entertainment" bought the contract to air on The CW and moved many of their line-up over to that channel instead (relaunching as"The CW 4 Kids"). But still, this was the end of an era for the once might Saturday Mornings on the Fox channel...

I can't seem to find any clips from the final day of broadcast in December, 2008 on Youtube. Here's some from December 2007, to give you an idea of what the channel was like in it's declining days....

"The Game Station" logo and bumpers shown here were the last spin on the logo for "4KidsTV" (lasting from September 2007 until the end in 2008).

Post your thoughts and reflections on the end of an era, 10 years ago today!
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Micahel Cataldo

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Oct 24, 2015
Yes it did mark 10 years that 4KidsTV ended. In fact my favorite show from the block is Winx Club.
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Light Lucario

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May 11, 2007
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I didn't realize just how long it's been since 4KidsTV ended. I guess it doesn't stick out as much compared to the end of other blocks since it basically continued on as the CW4Kids, Toonzai and Vortexx.

I don't think I saw much of the FoxBox era. After they lost their weekday afternoon block and stopped airing Digimon, I didn't pay much attention to Fox Kids. I watched a good amount of 4KidsTV though. After Kids' WB stopped airing Pokemon and Yu-Gi-Oh!, I didn't have much of a reason to watch the block anymore, although I still feel like I should have kept up with at least The Batman since it was pretty decent from what I remember. I think I just randomly came across 4KidsTV when I was channel surfing. I remember being interested in it partly because of Winx Club. The first season had finished airing on Miguzi and I wanted to see more. It wasn't particularly good in many areas, but I still enjoyed watching the 4Kids dub much more than any of the other dubs for the series. I think part of the charm was just hearing Dan Green, the voice actor for Yugi/Yami Yugi, playing a prince. There are times where my interest in Winx Club flares up again, but then I'll lose interest since everything past season four never quite appealed to me for some reason. I'm honestly amazed that the series is so successful in other countries.

I remember Viva Pinata. That was a surprisingly fun show. I think that the people involved with it had a lot of fun and would have kept it going, but since the video games had problems with development, that kind of made it impossible to keep the series running. Dinosaur King was also pretty decent. They clearly wanted it to be like Pokemon right with Veronica Taylor using her Ash voice for the main role, but it was okay. The second season had a much more interesting storyline than the more episodic first season, but it was still all around okay. I remember getting the Dinosaur King video game for the DS and I liked it. It was simplistic, but decent fun for what it was trying to do.

I remember when they started airing Yu-Gi-Oh! GX. Because the series had been pre-emptied so often on Cartoon Network's Toonami at the time, they moved it to their own block. The only problem was that they started airing with the third season premiere. It was a clip show of events from the previous season, but I imagine that it was hard to draw in new fans from starting so late in the game. They didn't really have a choice considering Cartoon Network didn't even get to the halfway point of the season and going back to season one would have put the dub even further behind the Japanese version. It's just a shame that they couldn't have put the series on their block sooner. Miguzi was treating the series well up until around season two where they kept going back and forth on having premieres on Toonami and Miguzi, but once it became Toonami exclusive, it was just constantly moved out of the lineup for movies and other events. A part of me wonders if they could have at least finished the dub for season three had Cartoon Network aired premieres more regularly. 4Kids was still dealing with their financial problems and losing Pokemon definitely did some financial damage to them as well, but they may have been able to finish the season without all of those interruptions. It still surprises me how much I dislike the GX dub ending even after all this time, especially when I would probably find the dub borderline unwatchable if I tried to watch it now.

I'm pretty sure I watched most of Sonic X too. I usually had it on while I was waiting for another show to start, but it was okay. I have no idea why it became so popular that it kept airing practically nonstop on multiple different blocks for years though. It was a decent show from what I remember, but I guess kids watching it on these blocks liked it quite a bit.


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Jul 23, 2008
Good Lord, that was ten years ago?!?! I remember discussing that here during my early days posting on this site. Looking at those promos from that last morning are a blast from the past. Dear God, I hated that Game Station branding they had going on at the time. I honestly don't know what I hated more: this, or the lifeless "online video" branding that CW4Kids had in its early days. Both had a "look at us! We're cool!" feel to them.

I'll say the same thing I said ten years ago: this is important for me because it's the end of cartoons on Fox, not the end of 4Kids on Fox. Fox Kids had a great legacy, it gave us some of the greatest cartoons of all time, and it's unfortunate that it all had to come to an end. Seeing those promos from the first night of Fox Box actually brings back some terrible memories. That was the morning when I realized to my horror that my beloved Fox Kids was dead, and that it was replaced by something alien. I watched Fox Box for a while, but eventually grew disinterested and moved over to Kids WB (Also, thanks for replacing that block too, 4Kids). Even so, I'll always appreciate the fact they Fox Box gave us TMNT 2K3, one of my favourite cartoons of the 2000s. I also appreciated Fighting Foodons and Ultimate Muscle, they were both fun.

10 years. Amazing. Time really flies.
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Erased Paper

Jan 17, 2005
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Interestingly, "4KidsTV" came to an end because of "Kids WB" coming to an end in 2008. "4Kids Entertainment" bought the contract to air on The CW and moved many of their line-up over to that channel instead (relaunching as"The CW 4 Kids"). But still, this was the end of an era for the once might Saturday Mornings on the Fox channel...
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