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Sep 26, 2011
Neo Arcadia, USA
I never thought I would come back here like this... Usually, this show is consistently good enough that I don't have to critique it too much, but yeah.

Slink or Swim (Mid Low Tier):
Not a fan of this segment like I want to be. I hope someone else enjoyed seeing some positive character development outta Carl, however...

Also, we did not need 3 gags involving excrement. We didn't even need one. That's not funny. That's stupid - and any young adult watching it is gonna pick up on that and fight accordingly by abandoning this show for countless anime / more "mature" cartoons out there, the moment they get old enough to see how unfunny and stupid these kinds jokes of jokes are. It happens all the time and it's kinda deserved after awhile.

(Only IMHO) Carl is worst character, so of course anything focusing on him is gonna have trouble being truly entertaining for me, despite some positive character development here and there, like this episode, for example. Even if he can swim now, I'm still not a fan of him as a character, sadly.

Bobby being that level of dumb in the episode doesn't help either, as much as I want to laugh at all of this legit. Bobby is almost just as bad as Carl, if not worse. This episode secretly highlights why for me, personally - the overall mixed writing quality of him and how he's either the house fool, or the caring yet naive voice of reason. It's difficult to have it both ways and still be able for me to take Booby seriously, really.

The Bug Chill (High Tier): Uninspired title aside, this is the best segment out of these two and an example of this show actually being consistently good, despite some less than stellar predictable setups, overall. What puts this effort a step above what I'm used to, however - is how creative the ending to all this actually turns out for itself. Sure, everyone including Ronnie Anne was bombing with their end goal, but then we get to the ending, and...

Seriously, with Ronnie Anne, this strength of character (smart and resourceful in terms of finding an end solution that works.) isn't exactly a niche with her, but I believe it that little bit more, now. I only hope they continue to capitalize on this, going forward, as it's what helps Ronnie Anne to stand out for me as an MC, first and foremost, so why not.

Zanscare's Reaper, Out.


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