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  1. SweetShop209

    April Fool's Day 2020 Thread Collection

    Baby Looney Tunes was a charming preschool show, but it's now back, and on Adult Swim. This ultra gritty take on the show focuses on the babies as they go around causing havoc in the playroom. The pilot kicks off with merpeople dying. Here's a sneak peek. April Fool's!
  2. Rainbowkid37

    What If Toonami Ended on Adult Swim? Who Would be It's Next Network?

    Imagine This Scenario: Adult Swim Announces it Will Discontinue It's Toonami Block. You Might Ask, What Will Be Their Next Network? Would It be... The CW? TNT? TBS? or Even HBO Max? Personally, I Think The CW Would be Their Next Choice. Considering The Fact That It's Competitor Fox Shows...
  3. Peter Paltridge

    SDCC 2017: Previews From The CW's Superhero Lineup

    Peter Paltridge submitted news SDCC 2017: Previews From The CW's Superhero Lineup Continue reading on Toonzone News.
  4. Kung-Fu Yoshi

    Cartoon Network Technical Glitches

    In this thread, you can talk about anything weird, or odd happening on CN or Boomerang that you've seen. Technical errors included. Let me start. This isn't a error though, but it's weird. I saw the Regular Show episode ''T.G.I. Tuesday'' in November 2013. For some reason, I saw a commercial...
  5. Yojimbo

    "DC TV Universe" News & Discussion Part 1 (Spoilers)

    "DC TV Universe" News & Discussion is dedicated to general news that encompasses all DC Comics television series, series only rumored and not greenlit yet, series wide cross over news, and the like. DC TV Threads: A. Television Current: CW, Fox, NBC, CBS, SyFy, HBO B. Digital Current: DC...
  6. A

    The CW Renews All Of Their Superhero Shows For 2017-18 Season

    alex-bean submitted a new blog post The CW Renews All Of Their Superhero Shows For 2017-18 Season Continue reading the Original Blog Post.
  7. gmster

    Preteen SatAM shows Abandoned by Broadcast Networks

    Deadline has written up a great article regarding the reasons behind the decline of cartoons on broadcast television, the proliferation of "13-16" blocks, the FCC rule that may have unintentionally led to it, the concern towards Litton's corporate sponsors, and the ties to ad revenue...
  8. Kizmo

    The Flash - Star Labs - LEGO Ideas set

    Hi, firstly I'm not entirely sure this is the right place to post this so I apologise if it's not (and if a MoD would kindly move it if so) I'd like to share my idea for a LEGO set based on The Flash TV series. LEGO run a website called "LEGO ideas" where people can submit their creations...