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    Will Amazon try to revive MGM animation for streaming?

    Will Amazon try to revive MGM animation for streaming? They did have animation studios in the past: MGM has made stuff like Secret of Nimh in the past.
  2. T

    Pros and Cons of animation on streaming

    What are some of the pros and cons of streaming animation over watching it on TV? Here are a couple I can think of: Pros: * Scheduling is now irrelevant, a show is on a site to be accessed whenever someone wants it, a show cannot fail due to bad scheduling now. * Less strict censorship and a...
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    Has streaming been great for adult animation?

    Has streaming been great for adult animation? Sure there are some stinkers like Hoops, but streaming has given us experimental comedies Bojack Horseman, saved animated series like Close Enough, and has given us non-comedic animated series like Castlevania, Blood of Zeus, Love, Death, and Robots...
  4. Mostezli

    Onyx Equinox Series Talkback (Crunchyroll Original)

    Not an anime. Onyx Equinox - Watch on Crunchyroll I would avoid any other trailer if you want to go in as unspoiled as possible because that first episode was rather intense. No noticeable hiccups in this exceptionally animated mythical fantasy. Onyx Equinox: A Companion Podcast Episode 1, ...
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    Which streaming services have the best animated content?

    We have a lot of streaming services nowadays, with HBO Max, Disney Plus, and Apple TV Plus, along with some old standbys like Netflix, Hulu, CBS All Access, and Amazon Prime. Which streaming services sites have the best animated content, in terms of both original content and an interesting...
  6. Rainbowkid37

    Dream Streaming Service?

    I Made this manly due to the rising amount of Streaming services. Like Disney+, HBO Max, and CBS All Access. I thought Hey! Why not make our own Fanmade Streaming Service! For you're streaming service, Create a Name, A Target Demographic, Content, and Cost. And Add extras if you want.
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    Are there any animated franchises you want to see revived by streaming?

    Are there any animated franchises you want to see revived by streaming? It seems like Netflix revived the Masters of the Universe, with a good She-Ra cartoon and 2 new He-Man cartoons. Before the latest She-Ra cartoon, there were no Masters of the Universe cartoons since the last He-Man cartoon...
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    Has streaming revived the anime market in North America?

    I think most people say there is an anime bubble that existed from the mid 1990s to mid 2000s that marked when anime was on a lot of broadcast television, but eventually that bubble burst and anime aired less often in North America. Has streaming revived anime market in North America?
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    Animation's role in the streaming wars

    As we know, the streaming wars are heating up, where various streaming services compete for consumer's dollars. What role will animation play in the streaming wars? Disney is making new animated content, like Marvel's What If for Disney Plus. A lot of Cartoon Network content is heading to HBO...
  10. T

    How will CBS/Viacom handle streaming animated content?

    It looks like CBS and Viacom will be merging in the near future. How will CBS and Viacom stream their animated content in the future? This article mentions CBS All Access and Pluto TV...
  11. Peter Paltridge

    Toonami And Crunchyroll Are Teaming Up

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  12. Peter Paltridge

    Crunchyroll Enters Partnership With Utomik

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  13. thomas2313412

    What is the accurate complete critical reception of the Adventures of Rocky and Bullwinkle (2018)

    The adventures of Rocky and Bullwinkle (2018) is a reboot of the 1959 jay ward animated series which is streamed on Amazon prime ,It is to be a modern reinterpretation of the original by having each story arcs be divided into 5 chapters/episodes in 23 minutes which unlike the original has lots...
  14. Radiant97

    Live TV vs. App/On Demand

    I took the liberty of making this thread to continue the discussion that has been going on in the Infinity Train thread so as to not derail the discussion there. Anyways, we all know that CN, scratch that, all of Turner has been actively trying to emphasize their streaming platforms while...
  15. Alen397

    Retro Cartoon Network Stream

    Hey Guys! I'm currently working on a very exciting project. I am creating a fan made Cartoon Network Broadcasts Via Ustream. It will feature old cartoons like for instance Ed edd n Eddy,Courage the Cowardly dog,Dexters Labratory,and Johnny Bravo. The Stream will include commercial breaks in...
  16. Peter Paltridge

    Toonzone News WB Launches Boomerang Streaming Service Hosting Over 5,000 Classic Cartoons

    peter-paltridge submitted a new blog post WB Launches Boomerang Streaming Service Hosting Over 5,000 Classic Cartoons Continue reading the Original Blog Post.

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