1. I Am Nickelodeon 1

    October 2020 Nick Premieres

    October 2020 Nick Premieres. As We head into the last couple of months of 2020, Lots of New Episodes & New Series to Come During 'Fun For Fall!' Halloween is approaching fast with Some Spooky Premieres... All Times EST!! Premieres and Finales... (Series Premiere) (Season Premiere) (Series...
  2. T

    When did each age or era of Nickelodeon begin and end for you?

    I thought about putting this in the Nicktoons forum, but figured that since this also takes live-action shows into the conversation, I might as well bring it here. I've been thinking about this after reading a Reddit post (as well as watching the Nick Knacks series on YouTube), that said that...
  3. I Am Nickelodeon 1

    July 2019 Nick Premieres

    July 2019 Nick Premieres. The Summer is officially upon us, and now for the good stuff, Premieres and more Premieres... Nickelodeon Henry Danger Saturday, July 13th at 8PM - "Massage Chair" (#520) Saturday, July 27th at 8PM - "Henry Danger: The Musical" (#521- #522) (Special) (No Commercials!!)...
  4. E

    Rugrats Lost Media

    During the queue for Jimmy Neutron's Nicktoon Blast, there was (apparently) a Rugrats "Nicktoons Studios Rules" short animated exclusively for the queue. Here is the SpongeBob version: Does anyone remember seeing this while waiting in line for the ride, have the video, or know anyone who has...
  5. T

    Is Nickelodeon becoming the most irrelevant network of the 2010s as far as animation goes?

    Outside of maybe Loud House and TMNT (2012) it seems like Nick has for the most part, neglected and/or dare I say, gave up or stop caring about animation. This is in no small part because the success of SpongeBob has made them extremely complacent at the expense of other shows. And when ever...
  6. Nick Mick

    Favorite Post-Movie SpongeBob episodes? - Part 2

    Link to previous part: https://www.toonzone.net/forums/threads/favorite-post-movie-spongebob-episodes.4697691/page-2 Hello there! This is Nick mick, and here, you will have chance to tell what your favorite post-movie season episodes of SpongeBob were, and even also tell what makes them amazing...
  7. cryslynn123

    SBSP | In "I Was a Teenage Gary" do you remember a scene where Squidward turned into a snail?

    I'm not here to argue whether the scene ever aired or was ever even created, because it was already debunked. Squidward obviously became a snail in "I Was a Teenage Gary", but there was never a transformation scene for him. I'm just interested in what you simply remember because I'm aware that...
  8. Yum

    The Dazzingly Delusional Deeds of Leni Loud

    As I'm sure you're all aware, The Loud House is quickly becoming Nickelodeon's golden goose, garnering attention for its down-to-earth setting, relatable plots and characters, and overall nostalgic feel. I'm sure everyone has a particular favorite member of the Loud house by now, mine...
  9. Mr. Toon Cartoon

    Nickelodeon's Ha! Ha! Holidays

    If you were born in the late 90s or 2000s, this should be something you remember. Nickelodeon's Ha! Ha! Holidays was a program that ran all month long of December showing Nickelodeon holiday episodes and specials starting at prime time (@ 8 or 8:30). The program lasted for a good 5 years which...
  10. Ghostbuster

    Merry Nickmas shorts compilation

    Butch Hartman has released a video featuring all of Nickelodeon's Merry Nickmas shorts from 2002!: Which short is your favorite? :)
  11. F

    Cartoons Dammit Top 10 best Spongebob songs (feedback please)

    I spent along time on this video making it the best I possibly can do at the time. it's the top 10 best spongebob songs... I want to see whos list is different! let me know what everyone thinks!
  12. O

    Spongebob On MTV?

    Have any of you watched Spongebob on MTV? I know they play reruns on there (mostly stuff from S1-S4). It's probably to get both the nostalgic audience and the stoner audience, and so they can fill air space. I've found a few bumpers, but there's barely any other info on Spongebob for MTV...
  13. thomas2313412

    Should there be strong laws to have every fictional shows to air three seasons only?

    Look,What I am about to write is ridiculous but the reason i am typing this thread is about this topic "Should there be strong laws to have every fictional shows to air three seasons only?" And the reason is that over the years there were too many long running Tv shows ,Now I know what you...
  14. toonmaster17

    Cyma Zarghami steps down from Nickelodeon

    I have some good news guys!(Especially for those who loved Nick prior to 2006) Cyma Zarghami the current president of Viacom/Nickelodeon is stepping down after being seriously criticized for the currently horrid state of Nickelodeon and it's sister channels. Finally we very well could be...

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