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  1. James Harvey

    "Spider-Verse (2019 Mini-Series)" Talkback (Spoilers)

    Miles Morales finds himself back in the Spider-Verse ... but is it the same Spider-Verse> Spider-Verse (2019) #1 Writer: Jed Mackay Penciler: Sheldon Vella, Juan Frigeri, Arthur Adams, James Harren Miles Morales finally feels like he gets this Spider-Man stuff… and then falls through a...
  2. RoyalRubble

    "Spider-Ham: Caught in a Ham" Animated Short Talkback (Spoilers)

    Check out this prequel short to Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse! The short will be uploaded on the Marvel HQ YouTube channel today at 12PM PT / 3PM ET. Note the cartoon is already available as a bonus feature on the Into the Spider-Verse Home-Media release. Check out the preview clip below...
  3. James Harvey

    "Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse" Animated Feature Talkback (Spoilers)

    "One thing I know for sure: don't do it like me. Do it like you." - Peter Parker Click here for more from Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse! Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse Release date: December 14, 2018 (with December 13 early screenings) Studio: Sony Pictures Animation Director: Bob...
  4. RoyalRubble

    Ultimate Spider-Man Vs the Sinister Six "Return to the Spider-Verse, Parts 1-4" Talkback (Spoilers)

    Catch a new episode of Ultimate Spider-Man Vs the Sinister Six, tonight at 8:00PM ET on Disney XD! Tune in for the first part of an epic four-part adventure through the Spider-Verse, featuring all-new and all-different alternate versions of Spidey! Ultimate Spider-Man Vs the Sinister Six...