1. Mostezli

    Winter 2021 Anime

    Some shows already premiered. The most popular series of the last decade did release a few episodes before the season officially kicked off. Game Adaptation / Crunchyroll Original The Sequels: Attack on Titan: The Final Season - This is it. The war to end it all. I wonder who survives...
  2. Mostezli

    2021 Upcoming Shows Nickelodeon Baby Shark (spinoff of Youtube channel) Big Nate (children's book CG adaptation) Brendar the Barbarian (puppet series from Trolls director and Jim Henson puppeteer) Middlemost...
  3. Dylan James Yi

    Castle Thunder sound effect not heard in Some Shows

    Hey Bubs, why does the Castle Thunder sound effect is not heard in Some Shows? You see the Castle Thunder sound effect is even head for example: Peep and the Big Wide World episode "Stormy Weather", But the Castle Thunder sound effect does not even heard in some any shows. Here's how the...
  4. Dylan James Yi

    Shows that Never Aired in the USA

    Hey, you see, the shows never even aired and picked up in The USA. Here's Examples of Shows never even aired and picked up in The USA: Sergeant Stripes Meeow! Angelmouse Nellie the Elephant Junglies Philbert Frog Puppydog Tales (AKA: Rosie & Ruff in Puppydog Tales) Timbuctoo (TV series) Fly...
  5. Troy Troodon

    What TV Shows do You Want to be Rebooted?

    This was something that's been sitting in my mind for quite some time now; as we all know there is a fair number of reboots, remakes, spin-offs, adaptations, or even different takes on a certain program over the years, sometimes their not as good as the original source material, other times...
  6. JaredCap43™

    What Shows Should the Boomerang Streaming Service acquire?

    There is going to be a New Boomerang Streaming Service coming, and here is a (partial?) list of the shows that will be on it. Looney Tunes Scooby Doo Tom & Jerry (This and the former 2 are because Turner) The Flintstones The Jetsons The Smurfs Yogi Bear Richie Rich Popeye Dorothy and the Wizard...
  7. E

    What animated shows which ended too early do you wish would be picked up by Netflix to continue?

    As Netflix has picked up shows which had been cancelled on TV, I wondered if anyone here would be interested in having them continue animated shows which did not end naturally, like Sym-Bionic Titan and Wander Over Yonder. Danny Phantom, although wasn't cancelled (at least from what I...
  8. T

    What are some good characters from worst cartoons

    Dukey Susan and Mary from Johnny Test.

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