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  1. superkeegan9100

    "The Proud Family" revival coming to Disney+

    Oh great, just what we need...another revival...
  2. P

    "THE DREAMSTONE" reboot

    A Very New Reboot of THE DREAMSTONE (CiTV, 1990-1995) is in the Development, co-produced by Martin Gates Productions, Cloth Cat Animation, Hoho Entertainment, DHX Media, DQ Entertainment, Millmages, Splash Entertainment and Dargaud Media for CBBC, Gulli and ZDF. , will have new features, with...
  3. Dylan James Yi

    RUMOR: Meeow! Returns? Meeow revival Ideas

    Oh Hi There, Meeow! is gonna revival for a season 2? MaisieMac is Back?!? Here's Changes: The New Voice Actors for all characters instead of Stanley Baxter The show is switched from 4:3 ratio to 16:9 New Intro Theme Song: The Intro Theme Song is Remaked to be 16:9 ratio New Ending Credits...
  4. Rabbitearsblog

    What other Nicktoons do you want to see get revived?

    With the Hey Arnold! Jungle Movie coming out this week and Rocko's Modern Life getting a reboot next year, what other Nicktoons do you want to see get a revival? For me personally, I would love to see the Angry Beavers get a revival, especially since I've heard rumors that Mitch Schuaer might...
  5. thomas2313412

    How symbionic titan should have continued in adult swim as a 2 season limited series or miniseries

    Sym Bionic titan was an animated series created by Genndy Tartakovsky, Bryan Andrews and Paul Rudish that ran from Sept 17th to unceremoniously cancelled in 2011 making it a short run It tells about two inhabitants from Galaluna named Lance, a rebellious soldier , Ilana a princess and their...