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  1. I Am Nickelodeon 1

    March 2020 Nick Premieres

    March 2020 Nick Premieres. As We head into the 3rd month of 2020... we see the KCA's, Series Finale of Henry Danger, More Premieres/Finales & Lots More!! Premieres and Finales... (Series Premiere) (Season Premiere) (Series Finale) (Season Finale) Last Months Premieres --> February 2020 March...
  2. I Am Nickelodeon 1

    July 2019 Nick Premieres

    July 2019 Nick Premieres. The Summer is officially upon us, and now for the good stuff, Premieres and more Premieres... Nickelodeon Henry Danger Saturday, July 13th at 8PM - "Massage Chair" (#520) Saturday, July 27th at 8PM - "Henry Danger: The Musical" (#521- #522) (Special) (No Commercials!!)...
  3. I Am Nickelodeon 1

    June 2019 Nick Premieres

    June 2019 Nick Premieres. Wow, What a Summer to look forward too... #AllThat, #HenryDanger, #AreYouSmarter, #TheLoudHouse, #LEGOCityAdventures & Much more... SpongeBob is back June 22nd with the Timeslot 'Saturday's at 11AM' Henry Danger & All That New Night of Premieres Start June 15th Game...
  4. I Am Nickelodeon 1

    November 2018 Nick Premieres

    November 2018 Nick Premieres. #Thanksgiving #veteransday. As we proceed to the last few months of 2018, what changes will there be?... - Nicks Trivia Prize Fest is on Saturday's of November!! - Knight Squad got removed from the Schedule. - There is Special's & Thanksgiving Special's of Henry...
  5. I Am Nickelodeon 1

    October 2018 Nick Premieres

    October 2018 Nick Premieres. Nickelodeon's October Premiering Highlights and Halloween Premieres will all soon be complete. - We have the last week of I Am Frankie Season 2... Finale airing October 4th. [On Nick] - We have NEW Lip Sync Battle Shorties Season 2 Beginning Oct 19th at 7PM and...
  6. thomas2313412

    The future of Henry Danger without Dan Schneider ?

    Even since the news that Dan Schneider along with Schneider's Bakery part ways with Nickelodeon after 24 years in that company despite some allegation rumors. His recent show Game shakers will be cancelled after the third season but Henry Danger another Schneider show will likely continue as it...
  7. Ed Liu

    "The Loud House" Leads Nickelodeon to Win May Ratings Race Across All Kids Demographics

    Ed Liu submitted news "The Loud House" Leads Nickelodeon to Win May Ratings Race Across All Kids Demographics Continue reading on Toonzone News.