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  1. CNFan1995

    TALKBACK - Tig n' Seek - Episodes 1-20 [7/23 (HBO MAX)] *SERIES PREMIERE*

    Today it's the premiere of another CN show on HBO Max. Episodes 1-20 Online July 23 The Five Rules of Finding Premieres THURSDAY 7/23 (Online) This week... Tiggy and Gweeseek use Chief's Five Rules of Finding to discover their own method of finding and locating Boss' missing tie. ---- Cat...
  2. Yippee Coyote

    Will HBO Max Siphon Content from the Boomerang Streaming Service?

    I noticed today when watching the latest HBO Max trailer on their website that their wall of posters toward the end includes not one, but TWO different images with The Jetsons. Jetsons are currently exclusive to the Boomerang streaming service, so does this mean sometime after the launch of HBO...
  3. Rainbowkid37

    What If Toonami Ended on Adult Swim? Who Would be It's Next Network?

    Imagine This Scenario: Adult Swim Announces it Will Discontinue It's Toonami Block. You Might Ask, What Will Be Their Next Network? Would It be... The CW? TNT? TBS? or Even HBO Max? Personally, I Think The CW Would be Their Next Choice. Considering The Fact That It's Competitor Fox Shows...
  4. Radiant97

    Can the surprise release model work for TV shows/movies?

    The surprise release is not new to the music industry. Pioneered by Radiohead back in 2007, multiple artists have attempted to release new material in this manner with varying degrees of success, but the model undoubtedly works for household names like Beyonce, David Bowie, and Eminem. Do you...
  5. T

    Are Nickeldeon, Cartoon Network and Disney abandoning their main networks for exclusive streaming content?

    Is it too much of a stretch to believe that the "big three" kids cable networks will pretty soon allow themselves to essentially wither and die? I mean, there have been the recent announcements of Nickelodeon teaming up with Netflix not to mention Cartoon Network if I'm not mistaken, moving...