1. Yojimbo

    "Mulan" Feature Talkback

    Loyal, Brave, True. Mulan Release Date: September 4, 2020 Studio: Walt Disney Pictures Director: Niki Caro MPAA Rating: PG -13 (for sequences of violence) Screenwriters: Rick Jaffa & Amanda Silver and Elizabeth Martin & Lauren Hynek Starring: Yifei Liu, Donnie Yen, Li Gong Runtime: 115...
  2. T

    How would you break down the six historical ages for Disney Channel?

    A while back, I did something similar for Nickelodeon. I started to consider doing on on Disney Channel too after reading the thread concerning why there doesn't seem to be a lot of fandom for the pre-1997 era. This was of course, when Disney Channel was still a premium service. In case your...
  3. T

    Why did the UPN Kids TV block fail?

    Okay, maybe "fail" is too much of a stretch to say. I mean, it did last for a good four and half years, and it did give us the Incredible Hulk cartoon, which was surprisingly dark and complex for a '90s kids cartoon (which of course UPN ruined by insisting that She-Hulk take a co-starring role...
  4. RandomMe

    April Fool's Day 2020 All Threads

    And how do we know that? He is a merman! Like Michael Phelps!
  5. superkeegan9100

    Disney/Pixar Forum April Fools 2020 Megathread

    Here's a sneak peek of the season premiere: Pickle_and_peanut_premiere.mp4
  6. Radiant97

    Can the surprise release model work for TV shows/movies?

    The surprise release is not new to the music industry. Pioneered by Radiohead back in 2007, multiple artists have attempted to release new material in this manner with varying degrees of success, but the model undoubtedly works for household names like Beyonce, David Bowie, and Eminem. Do you...
  7. T

    Will Disney make more PG-13 (maybe even R-rated) animated content in the future?

    Disney bought our Marvel 10 years ago and right before the merger, Marvel was releasing some PG-13 direct to video movies (like Ultimate Avengers), which more or less dropped off around 2011. Now Disney has a reputation as the ''family-friendly'' company, but do you think they release some PG-13...
  8. T

    Why is Universal the only major film studio not to have its own adult-animated show(s)?

    Every other "Big Five" studios -- Disney, Paramount, Sony/Columbia, and WB -- have their own adult-animated shows. Disney - now owns 20th Century Fox, who makes The Simpsons, Futurama, King of the Hill, Family Guy, American Dad, Bob's Burger, and Archer. Paramount - Beavis & Butthead, South...
  9. Troy Troodon

    Minnie Mouse's New Voice

    After the unfortunete passing of Russi Taylor we finally now have a new voice actress for Minnie Mouse, and her name is Melissa Christine. Melissa Christine - IMDb
  10. ProtoGentIsDead

    AT&T/DIRECTV customers will lose ABC, ESPN, Disney Channel, and Freeform

    From higher bills to carriage disputes. The Walt Disney Co. and AT&T are arguing themselves. Deadline/Blackouts starts on Friday night. ESPN, ABC, and other Disney-owned channels could be pulled from DirecTV, U-Verse, and other AT&T platforms as early as Friday night
  11. superkeegan9100

    "The Proud Family" revival coming to Disney+

    Oh great, just what we need...another revival...
  12. RainbowCupcake

    So, when are we getting that Frozen live-action remake?

    No, seriously. ;) With the release of The Lion King as well as a few other live action remakes looming in the near future, this is inevitable. My bets are on early 2020 for the announcement (after the success of Frozen 2. Even if the critics hate it, the film will make a boatload of money). For...
  13. RainbowCupcake

    Mulan (2020 Live Action Remake) News & Discussion Thread

    Huh? What's that you say, little birdy? Another live action Disney remake is coming? Shocker, shocker. Today the teaser for the live action Mulan was released. Thoughts?
  14. Oscar Preciado

    What if Hulu had a 4Kids/Disney children section?

    I was wondering of what if Hulu had a children section? In 2008, Hulu signed a deal with 4Kids Entertainment to make a children section for Hulu, which contains 4Kids shows such as Sonic X, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2003, Winx Club, Kirby! Right Back at Ya!, Viva Piñata, Skunk Fu, Gogoriki...
  15. T

    The Loud House vs Kick Buttowski

    One person worked on both of these: The Loud House (he created the show) Kick Buttowski (he worked as the executive producer and director) Personally for me: I really prefer LH over KB, due to major plot twists and developments to the relationships with the Loud Siblings and their friends in...
  16. Oscar Preciado

    Will Disney gets American Dad from TBS and move to Freeform?

    Now that Disney-Fox merger is now completed, Disney now owns American Dad. There might be any possible for Disney to get the cable rights to American Dad from TBS and bring it to Freeform
  17. maddiegirlforever

    Rumor: Cars Land closing for Winnie the Pooh themed area

    There is one rumor that I have heard several times over the past few days, and I think that it is something that needs to be addressed immediately. The rumor states that Cars Land at the California Advemture is going to close, and that it will reopen as a Winnie the Pooh themed area. There is...
  18. Golden Geek

    April Fool 2019

    I just woke up about twenty minutes ago. Someone lifted me out of my bed. Fearing for my life, I pretended to be asleep. I heard some guys whispering to my parents about money and the reboot of Hannah Montana. I'm in the back of someone's trunk now. Somehow they didn't take my phone. Help
  19. Oscar Preciado

    Is Disney becoming the next TimeWarner?

    With every purchases that Disney made, from Marvel to Lucasfilm and now Fox. I got some theories. Is Disney becoming the next TimeWarner? I can definitely seeing the pattern there. TimeWarner owns DC Comics, Turner, and a popular franchise that has fandom. Years later, Disney has enter the...
  20. superkeegan9100

    International Disney Networks Thread Part 3

    The last thread reached 1000 posts, so continue discussion here. Previous thread: International Disney Networks Thread Part 2