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  1. A Brisk Autumn Day

    What would people think about a Marvel Animated Universe done my Bruce Timm and co?

    So, obviously this is completely unrealistic, and merely fantasy, but imagine a Marvel Animated Universe done by Timm, Dini, Burnett, and others. Similar visual style and everything. And similar to how those shows led up to Justice League, then Justice League Unlimited, what if the MAU led up to...
  2. J

    When "Batman and Harley Quinn" takes place?

    Hi guys. In thos thread I wanted to tell a question around the newly movie Batman and Harley Quinn. The film, released in 2017, as confirmed by Bruce Timm, is part of the DC Animated Universe, making it the first addition to the universe after the ending of Justice League Unlimited in 2006. And...
  3. C

    DCAU & "Adventures" Retrospective on CBR

    Hi, Just thought you guys would be interested, in case you didn't already know, that I've been writing a retrospective on the DCAU for the CBR site for around a year now. The premise is that I pair an episode of Batman, Superman, (or hypothetically any other show with a tie-in comic) with an...
  4. James Harvey

    DC Comics Animation - Blu-ray/DVD/Digital News & Discussion Thread, Part 19 (Spoilers)

    It's time for the 19th installment of the Official DC Animation Blu-ray/DVD News & Discussion Thread - the most informative DC Animation DVD/Blu-ray thread online! Outside of official Blu-ray and DVD talkbacks, this is the place to post all your Blu-ray and DVD news and comments! Want the latest...
  5. A Brisk Autumn Day

    Could Green Lantern TAS be part of the DCAU?

    If it took place before the Superman episode "In Brightest Day"? Any contradictions? I know it's not necessarily meant to be part of the DCAU, but it's Bruce Timm, and if it's good, I'd love to add it to my head canon!
  6. RoyalRubble

    Vixen in Animation - A Retrospective

    With Vixen scheduled to make her live-action debut later this week on the pretty awesome Arrow TV series, I thought it would be nice to revisit her previous appearances in animation. This thread will chronicle all of the cartoons that featured Vixen over the years, which to be honest aren't that...
  7. JamesStrecker518

    #0 - "Strange Visions" | Talkback (Spoilers)

    Legacies of the DC Animated Universe #0 - "Strange Visions" Release: November 7, 2015 Written by: Ted Kendrick Illustrated by: James Strecker Cover: James Strecker Synopsis Prologue. The Phantom Stranger sheds light on the hopefulness and the despondency of the DCAU's past, present, and future...
  8. James Harvey

    Is "Justice League Unlimited" the ultimate DCAU series?

    With the arrival of Justice League Unlimited to Blu-ray (discuss that highly-anticipated release here), it seems like an appropriate time to take a look back at the series. It’s easy to consider it the most ambitious of the DCAU animated shows, but is it the ultimate DCAU series? Could there...