1. AnimatedFan01

    Why do you prefer cartoons over live-action?

    There are a lot of devoted cartoon fanatics who aren't afraid to admit that they don't care for live-action and say that it lacks many of the elements that make cartoons entertaining. I myself think it really depends on the show/genre whether I prefer animation or live-action, but I will say...
  2. JoshuaBrony0212018

    Does anyone currently watch Trulli Tales on TV?

    It's a TV show made in France, Italy, and Quebec. The original language was for some reason English, but it was made as a co-production between RAI Italy, Disney Junior Europe (France and Italy), and Quebec's public broadcaster. It first aired in Brazil, then it aired on Disney Junior in Italy...
  3. JaredCap43™

    Is KidsClick actually shutting down?

    From what I've heard, people (including KidsClick themselves) are claiming that KidsClick is shutting down after this Sunday. There is no schedule information for April 1st and beyond, so this could be true. But on the other hand, April Fool's day is the day after Sunday, so it might just be a...
  4. SourSweetGone

    What Cartoons Do You Wanna See Last Into The 2020's!?

    So I was thinking how we are kinda lucky these days more animated series are getting longer life spans. So my question is what animated series would you like to see last into the next decade, even if its just half-way through. For me I would say. Amazing World of Gumball: Honestly the...
  5. WeWantMoreCartoons

    We need more cartoons bloggers!

    This was also written on our Reddit page I came on here to say this because I kind of have the role of spreading the word of the web series we're doing titled Warriors of Yokohama, well, a good way to spread the word of a product or project is to find writers and/or bloggers who talk about...
  6. E

    Why are cartoon's music pitched by one note when on TV?

    I noticed this especially with tom and jerry and merrie melodies/looney tunes cartoons. for example. the merrie melodies and looney tunes's cartoons's starting music on tv is in C# major but when I open them from a CD or on internet I find it in C major. I need to understand why this is...
  7. E

    The 1965 MGM vault fire

    Even though this already a well known event, i wanted to make a thread so i could generate some discussion about this topic. For those not in the know, this vault fire destroyed many of MGM's original negatives, including the ones to the pre 1951 MGM cartoons. Since the originals were...
  8. Dylan James Yi

    RUMOR: Meeow! Returns? Meeow revival Ideas

    Oh Hi There, Meeow! is gonna revival for a season 2? MaisieMac is Back?!? Here's Changes: The New Voice Actors for all characters instead of Stanley Baxter The show is switched from 4:3 ratio to 16:9 New Intro Theme Song: The Intro Theme Song is Remaked to be 16:9 ratio New Ending Credits...
  9. G

    Jimmy Two Shoes' Pilot Does Exist! But We Can't See It

    Anyone remember Jimmy Two Shoes? That Teletoon show that aired on Disney XD? You know how rumors were of a "pilot" with original designs and references to hell and all that stuff? Good news... The rumors were true and a pilot does exist. Bad news.... The pilot was just a 6-minute demo made for...
  10. DavidVi11aronga

    PBS Kids Dream Schedules

    Make your own ideal schedule for a PBS Kids station, wether it's the main PBS station, or the recent 24/7 channel.
  11. Rabbitearsblog

    What was the longest running Saturday Morning Cartoon series?

    What Saturday Morning Cartoon series ran for a long time on their respective Saturday Morning blocks? The only ones I can think of was the Bugs Bunny and Tweety show which ran for nearly 20 years, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (the original) which ran for over 10 years and Garfield and Friends...
  12. Frank98

    The appeal of animation

    If you had to explain to someone what the appeal of animation is for you (basically, the reason you watch animation) what would you answer? The story or characters? The artistic aspect? The immagination?
  13. pineal

    Disney Characters In Real Life & Music

    From Moana to Frozen, here are some of the most recognized Disney characters as real people! Some of these are cosplay, and some of these are just kids that look a lot like Disney princes or princesses.
  14. L

    The LT&MM Torrent Project

    Hi, guys. :) I've started a server based on collecting a lot of Looney Tunes Cartoons for a special torrent project that a friend of mine is working on (LINK REMOVED) If you would like to join, click on the link above and feel free to share any LT&MM Cartoons that you've recorded and found.
  15. BlueQuartz

    Cartoon Network is a roller coaster.

    I'm sure you have heard what I'm about to say many times but I thought I should get my opinion on CN out there as this is an animation forum. I'm a fan of Cartoon Network I think that they air some great shows like Steven Universe, The Amazing world of Gumball and Adventure time. However they...
  16. Antonio Bravo

    What Cartoons would you like to see on KidsClick?

    It doesn't matter if it's action, adventure, comedy or romance. It can be any cartoon as long as it isn't licensed or created by major networks. To me....I was thinking they can air some of Starz's former programming from the Building Blocks block like Toto Trouble, Matt's Monsters and The...
  17. Rabbitdust

    Cartoon Ideas and Suggestions

    Got any ideas or suggestions for cartoons that you want to be put on Disney/Cartoon Network/Nickelodeon/Adult Swim? Please share them! Have fun!!
  18. GratoNite

    A Show That Has An Actual Story? (recommend me some!)

    Hey guys, i just signed up, i want some suggestions for cartoons that has an actual story, by i mean there's an ending to it, not just daily life shows. Examples of cartoons that has an actual story : ( i want these kinds ) Gravity Falls, Ben 10 Trilogy, Spiderman (1994), Ultimate Spiderman...
  19. T

    TV Show Reboots that are better than the original

    Today's reboots are mostly bad like the PPG one but what about the good reboots (cartoon and live-action)?
  20. G

    Wulin Warriors

    If anyone what you get when you cross Sean Schemmel, a couple of corny jokes and some shady puppetry, you'll probably enjoy this image. Comments? I know it's a old show but hey. Check it out.

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