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  1. thomas2313412

    Will Cartoon network popular shows like teen titans go along with apple and onion move to HBO max?

    Hey guys, Seeing that popular cartoon network shows like Infinity train, Summer camp island and the new upcoming cartoon network shows like The Fungies! and Tig N’ Seek are relocating to the streaming service HBO MAX a streaming version of HBO since streaming is the main media. This led me to...
  2. 5YearsOnEastCoast

    The Analysis of Cartoon Network in 2005 and online people's interests in their shows that year

    Welcome to my series of analysis of my very fist kids network that i watched- Cartoon Network through years and how much were people interested/ popular in those years. This time I will analyse year 2005. This year CN had 5 original cartoons and 6 acquired cartoons. Few of them premiered during...
  3. 5YearsOnEastCoast

    Most Forgotten Cartoon Network shows from each decade

    Ever since Cartoon Network started as a channel in 1992, they have given as many cartoons that we remember to this day such as Powerpuff Girls 1998, Ed Edd & Eddy, Courage the Cowardly Dog, Johnny Bravo, Dexter's Laboratory and etc... But they also had cartoons that many people forgot or they...
  4. T

    TV Trash: ReAnimated/Out of Jimmy’s Head

    Basically, ReAnimated/Out of Jimmy's Head is cited as the exact moment that Cartoon Network started its late 2000s "dork age" (the Stuart Snyder years). The theory was then presented that Out of Jimmy's Head was really in a round about way, intended to sell viewers on the idea of live-action...
  5. T

    What's your general assessment on the following corporate TV executives?

    I'm going to try to focus primarily on the "Big 3" kids TV networks, Disney, Nickelodeon, and Cartoon Network, but it isn't necessarily restricted to those three. I'm going to run down a list of decidedly controversial and/or polarizing TV executives from the past 10-15 years or so and I wonder...
  6. T

    Is Nickelodeon becoming the most irrelevant network of the 2010s as far as animation goes?

    Outside of maybe Loud House and TMNT (2012) it seems like Nick has for the most part, neglected and/or dare I say, gave up or stop caring about animation. This is in no small part because the success of SpongeBob has made them extremely complacent at the expense of other shows. And when ever...
  7. J

    Could "The Amazing World of Gumball" become CN's newest long running series

    Gumball premiered all the way back in May 2011 and is still running. Although creator, Ben Bocquelet has left the series, there has been no official announcement if the show is ending, and Cartoon Network is treating the show so well. It seems like with its current strategy, if a show is nearing...
  8. Israelite Wolfman

    Share with me your ideas for new episodes for "A Pup Named Scooby-Doo"

    Do you wish to see "A Pup Named Scooby-Doo" gets renewed for new seasons? I'm very interested to see what people think of this show and where it could've went.
  9. T

    Why TV Doesn't Want Anime and Action Cartoons Anymore

    (language) Does the climate of today's television simply hinders this? For example or to give you a better idea, back when commercials weren't as prevalent, kids shows could get away with being half an hour long episodes. But when cable became a bigger source for ad revenue, shortened...
  10. J

    What do you honestly think about CN's live-action shows?

    I mean yeah, it was weird having live-action shows air on Cartoon Network, but it wasn't the first network to change its shift in programming Examples: 1. Disney Channel changing from airing Disney content to just becoming a teen network 2. Nicktoons adding more live-action to its lineup. 3...
  11. A

    Cartoon Network City Summer 2005 Recordings

    Hey guys. Summer's coming up which means I want to watch CN Summer 2005 recordings. But i aint got them. Does anybody have any full CN City recordings with the commercials on them? I have a lot of CN/Nick/Adult Swim/Fox Kids/FoxBox recordings. I just really want to see it all again. Shoot me an...
  12. Vaughn B.

    A Howlin' Rebirth

    Hey, do you remember Road Rovers growing up back when Kids' WB! was hot? Well, i do you think it's to tell Cartoon Network & Warner Bros. Animation about revamping The Leaders of Pack The Road Rovers? & If so which voice actor & voice actress do you want play the role of the Howlin' 5?
  13. G

    Cartoon Network Australian BBQ Promo Questions

    I stumbled upon a 2002-ish Australian promo for Cartoon Network displaying the classic and new CN/Hanna Barbera characters gathered together in an Australian barbecue which ended with a duel between Mandark and Dexter with emu and kangaroo robots. My questions: Is it animated in Flash or...
  14. PiotrGT

    PiotrGT's drawings (mainly Disney and WB but also some Cartoon Network)

    Here are some of my work. Not very impressive stuff but I tried my best. Baloo from Talespin Kit Cloudkicker from Talespin Darkwing Duck Bugs Bunny
  15. G

    Shocking thing in Clarence

    I watched the episode of "Field Trippin'" and short synopsis: On a way to a soda factory field trip, Clarence accidentally boards the wrong bus and is mistaken for a new student when in fact the REAL new student is in hiding as throughout his life, whenever he gets settled to a new school with...
  16. G

    Skatoony is back, sandwiches!

    Skatoony's back, sandwiches! To celebrate Chudd and Earl's return to television. Skatoony is airing in it's original uncut UK format daily in Cartoon Network UK at 11:05pm. If I lived in the UK, I'd DVR every episode. It's an oldie but a goodie. Don't know if people know it but I just wanted to...
  17. G

    Mighty Magiswords Hopes for Season 2

    What do you guys hope for the upcoming Season 2 episodes of Mighty Magiswords? I really hope something comes good out of it. I heard Luke Ski was in on it so I really hope what fun episodes might we have in store. Maybe a scottish character might come. Also, an update. TVsKyle (creator of...
  18. Dudley

    Official Cartoon Network Fantasy Schedule Thread

    After a long hiatus, we've decided to bring these back! People always think they can do a better job running Cartoon Network's schedule, which at times, is usually consists of a certain show getting too many showings in the day. So, in this thread, post the best Cartoon Network thread you can...
  19. G

    Remember Skatoony on Cartoon Network?

    I remebered when Skatoony aired on Cartoon Network in the UK. I was roughly around kindergarden-1st grade age when I first discovered the series on the CARTOON NETWORK UK website. I thought it was pretty fun and awesome. I even went to the UK and watched some epps on TV. And when I heard it was...