1. M

    How to improve our Cartoon?

    Hello my friends I would like you to help me improve my cartoon series and know if in your opinion we are on the right way. The series is about the adventures of a little mouse. The episodes are 3 minutes long and we have 2 chapters out of a total of 10. The script for the entire story is...
  2. Bill N Back

    Bill N Back - Pilot Episode

    Hey Guys! I already shared some of the developements here in this old topic: Bill N Back - Animated Series But I've been working for years on an animated series pilot episode which I finally drop online today! It is mostly aimed for kids but I guess some of you guys can appreciate the short...
  3. Skylar_Rainbow

    Unikitty! revival project

    Hi everyone. Just thought I'd put it out there that I started up a Unikitty! revival project recently. If anyone's interested in the details, I created a website which is
  4. Mostezli

    2021 Upcoming Shows Nickelodeon Baby Shark (spinoff of Youtube channel) Big Nate (children's book CG adaptation) Brendar the Barbarian (puppet series from Trolls director and Jim Henson puppeteer) Middlemost...
  5. H

    Can't remember name of cartoon

    Hello guyz, I am new here. I watched a animated cartoon when I was a kid. it was about mouse or should I say group of them looking to gather help and get back to their island and fight the evil cat and her gang. It was defiantly adventure as they made new friends along the way. i also remember...
  6. ScrappyHistorian

    I'm Starting A Blog!

    I'm starting a blog dedicated to Screen Gems Cartoons. Here are some promos.
  7. R


    Guys, please some1 of you help me :D. Um, i remember one cartoon network show. One thing that i remember is two boys and one girl. The girl is a fat and wearing glasses. Show is a kinda weird, idk why :D. Please, answer me.
  8. D

    can't remember cartoons name?

    there's this show in the back of my mind that i can remember sort of, and want to re watch but have forgotten the name. the show aired probably in the mid 2000s since that's when i was old enough to be watching. it was either on cartoon network or nickolodian but i can't remember which. the...
  9. guillaumeeeeee

    Ricardo Milos at Cartoon Network Hungary Page

    Well I was looking at the Cartoon Network Hungary page about 2 hours ago, and then I noticed a video of RICARDO MILOS on the page, that is... There was a video of Ricardo Milos dancing with the background song "Dancin" by Aaron Smith , and TO FINISH. It appeared above that the video was uploaded...
  10. Gatomon41

    April Fool's 2019 Archive

    Release Date: 404 BC Written by: Thucydides Taking over 20 years to make, this animation classic is based on the best selling graphic novel. Written along the same lines of Frank Miller’s Histories, and Herodotus’ 300, HOTPW is an epic struggle between the democratic and learned Athens and...
  11. C

    Do you tthink it's possible that cartoon and anime characters have a "real" mind of their own like how real world live action people do?

    I would like to think that cartoon and anime characters like Mickey Mouse, SpongeBob, Goku, and Batman all have actually thinking minds like how real world live action people have.
  12. Emania

    My first animation - thoughts?

    Hey, I've just made a little animated video and would like to see where this goes. It's nothing that fancy. It's actually made using Microsoft Paint and Windows Movie Maker 2012! Now that may sound awful but you might be surprised to learn how good these interfaces can be for stock motion movie...
  13. G

    The name of that cartoon?

    So yeah I need some help please. The main plot was that this space ship (it was orange) crashed in a tree in a backyard. The two kids become friends with the three robots inside and now they have to keep them hidden so they pretend that the ship is their treehouse. I remember one of the...
  14. P

    Mike Jupp's Next and Third Cartoon Series "BRIDGIE THE HELIGATOR" be developed, First to the BBC

    A New Animated Cartoon Series "Bridgie the Heligator" in Development for the BBC from Mike jupp the creator of "The Dreamstone" and "Bimble's Bucket", marking Jupp's first production for the BBC, as their previous productions such as "The Dreamstone" and "Bimble's Bucket" were mainly produced...
  15. R

    Did the cartoon Life with Louie have any episodes where a character was desperate for the bathroom

    The most famous one was The kiss is the Thing in which Andy the father has to go bad during than play. In the whole series were there others????
  16. VHSTrader234

    For those who like Teen Titans Go, what is your reasoning?

    I'm going to do this a little differently. Instead of just saying all the many reasons I hate the show (for example the writers have never seen an original series episode), I'd like to know why people like this show. Explain why this show is great and why it deserved to be more popular and get...
  17. M

    The Art of Mr.O

    So I'm just learning that there is an drawing board on Toonzone. This is kind of embarrassing since I'm always drawing . So I'll be posting my art here when I can. I usually use Instagram to display my art, but I really need to expand my horizon.
  18. Zanneck

    Making Your Own Cartoon/Anime

    Let's say you were given the resources to make/create your own cartoon/anime. Feel like sharing what it would be like and how you'd go about it. Remember - the only limit is your imagination.
  19. The Huntsman

    Rimba Racer – Season Two, Episode Seven Review: “Smells Like Team Spirit”

    The Huntsman submitted a new blog post Rimba Racer – Season Two, Episode Seven Review: “Smells Like Team Spirit” Continue reading the Original Blog Post.
  20. P

    Can’t remember cartoon name

    I remember very little about this cartoon I watched as a kid. But what pieces I do remember is that it was about a group of kids in school who were low key hero’s. they went into this sort of game dimension as their own alter egos. The only character I remember is that one of the kids ( I think...

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