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  1. CNFan1995

    TALKBACK - The Amazing World of Gumball - Episodes 222-226 [11/5-11/9]

    Episodes 222-226 Monday at 8 The Stink Premieres MONDAY 11/5 at 8:00 PM This week... Mr. Small goes feral after Gumball and Darwin expose his hypocrisy. ---- The Awareness Premieres TUESDAY 11/6 at 8:00 PM This week... Gumball's plant-insensitivity causes problems with Leslie. ---- The Slip...
  2. CNFan1995

    TALKBACK - Craig of the Creek - Episodes 30-33 [11/2 (Online) 11/5-11/8 (TV)]

    Episodes 30-33 Online November 2nd! (TV) MONDAY at 5:00 PM Jextra Perrestrial Premieres FRIDAY 11/2 (Online) MONDAY 11/5 at 5:00 PM (TV) This week... JP believes he may be from another planet, so Craig tries to help him make contact. --- The Takeout Mission Premieres FRIDAY 11/2 (Online)...
  3. CNFan1995

    TALKBACK - We Bare Bears - Episodes 120-124 [11/2 (Online) 11/5-11/9 (TV)]

    Episodes 120-124 Online November 2nd! (TV) MONDAY at 7:00 PM Escandalosos Premieres FRIDAY 11/2 (Online) MONDAY 11/5 at 7:00 PM (TV) This week... The Baby Bears enter a Mexican wrestling tournament. --- Pizza Band Premieres FRIDAY 11/2 (Online) TUESDAY 11/6 at 7:00 PM (TV) This week...
  4. superkeegan9100

    Cartoon Network opening first branded hotel

    Opening its doors in summer 2019, the Cartoon Network Hotel Pennsylvania will feature interactive, customizable character experiences for kids.
  5. CNFan1995

    TALKBACK - Ben 10 - Innervasion Parts 2-5 [10/26] *SEASON FINALE*

    Episodes 77-80 Friday at 6:30 PM pst/5:30 PM cst! If you wanna check the talkback thread of the first part of the season finale click this link: TALKBACK - Ben 10 - Innervasion Part 1: Message in a Boxcar - [10/12 (Online) 10/26 (TV)] Innervasion Part 2: Call the Cyber Police Premieres...
  6. superkeegan9100

    Cartoon Network International Thread 6.0

    The last thread reached 1000 posts, so continue discussion here. Previous thread: Cartoon Network International News Thread 5.0
  7. CNFan1995

    TALKBACK - Ben 10 - Innervasion Part 1: Message in a Boxcar - [10/12 (Online) 10/26 (TV)]

    Episode 76 Friday at 6:30 PM pst/5:30 PM cst! Innervasion Part 1: Message in a Boxcar Premieres (Online) FRIDAY 10/12 (TV) FRIDAY 10/26 at 6:30 PM This week... As Team Tennyson prepares their boxcar for an upcoming race, Ben is hearing voices and is unable to go Upgrade to enhance his car...
  8. Elijah Abrams

    Curtis Leash joins Netflix as director of kids and family content

    Oh boy. Looks like Curtis Lelash, SVP of original series of Cartoon Network, has been bagged by the almighty Netflix, where he will be director of the streaming service's kids and family content. Netflix Hires former CN Exec Curtis Lelash
  9. T

    Help Me

    When I try to go to it sends me automatically to how can I fix that ?
  10. SourSweetGone

    What Cartoons Do You Wanna See Last Into The 2020's!?

    So I was thinking how we are kinda lucky these days more animated series are getting longer life spans. So my question is what animated series would you like to see last into the next decade, even if its just half-way through. For me I would say. Amazing World of Gumball: Honestly the...
  11. Elijah Abrams

    A word of advice...

    A network does not only mean a TV network/channel, but it can also be an internet/web network, a streaming network, or a multiplatform network. This is why you all shouldn’t be upset because Cartoon Network is trying to drop the "Network" portion from its name (e.g. focusing more on their app...
  12. superkeegan9100

    TALKBACK - OK K.O.! Let's Be Heroes - Episodes 71-74 [9/21 (Online) TBA (TV)]

    Episode 71 Final Exams Premieres (Online) FRIDAY 9/21 (TV) TBA This week... KO, Enid and Rad team up with an unlikely ally to take on an unlikely foe. Episode 72 Soda Genie Premieres (Online) FRIDAY 9/21 (TV) TBA This week... K.O. finds a bottle of Citrus Twist in the back and summons a...
  13. superkeegan9100

    Will there be a Powerpuff Girls 20th Anniversary Special??? Of course NOT!!!

    Considering that Powerpuff Girls is a popular brand, and the fact that Cartoon Network acknowledges it made me feel like the franchise was going to get a 20th Anniversary special, but then I heard rumors about the reboot being cancelled, just before the original show makes its mark in two...
  14. CNFan1995

    TALKBACK - Ben 10 - Episodes 66-75 - [9/7 (Online) 9/10-9/14 (TV)]

    Episodes 66-75 Monday at 5:30 PM pst/4:30 PM cst! Vote Zombozo Premieres (Online) FRIDAY 9/7 (TV) MONDAY 9/10 at 5:30 PM This week... When the Rustbucket must tune-up in the same town as Zombozo's latest campaign trail stop, Ben soon discovers the clown is using his speeches to hypnotize then...
  15. CNFan1995

    TALKBACK - Adventure Time - Come Along With Me - *SERIES FINALE* [9/3]

    Episodes 280 - 283 The Ultimate Adventure Monday at 6p/5c! Come Along With Me Premieres MONDAY at 6 PM This week... BMO narrates the Great Gum War in which Princess Bubblegum, Finn, Jake, Lady Rainicorn, Marceline, Flame Princess, Lemongrab, Slime Princess, the Duke of Nuts, Huntress Wizard...
  16. superkeegan9100

    TALKBACK - Craig of the Creek - Episodes 21-25 [8/17 (Online) 8/27-31 (TV)]

    Episodes 21-25 Online August 17th Ace of Squares (August 17, 2018 (Online)/August 27, 2018 (TV)) This week... When Craig becomes bored of playing Four Square, he decides to make the game more challenging for himself by facing a dominant player. Doorway to Helen (August 17, 2018...
  17. VHSTrader234

    For those who like Teen Titans Go, what is your reasoning?

    I'm going to do this a little differently. Instead of just saying all the many reasons I hate the show (for example the writers have never seen an original series episode), I'd like to know why people like this show. Explain why this show is great and why it deserved to be more popular and get...
  18. VHSTrader234

    Cel-Shading, traditional, and hand-drawn animation thread

    Here is where we discuss Cel-Shading, Traditional, and Hand-Drawn Animation. If you don't know what that means then you should read about it here. Cel - Wikipedia Cel shading - Wikipedia Okay so here we will discuss all aspects of that. We can talk about how awesome it is and what your...
  19. superkeegan9100

    British dub of The Powerpuff Girls???

    A British dub of the original Powerpuff Girls show supposedly aired on Channel 5 (which is now owned by Viacom, who owns Cartoon Network's rival channel Nickelodeon)'s block for preschoolers. The video games based on the series were also said to be redubbed with UK voice actors just like with...
  20. Lazer Eli

    Do you guys think CN and [as] should merge?

    I don't really mean as in mixing the shows around day and night, but maybe something like using the CN name (but with different branding of course) during Adult Swim shows. Either just as a screen bug or using the CN logo on [as] bumps like before 2004. What do you all think?