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    Did airing Total Drama Island change Cartoon Network?

    Did airing Total Drama Island change Cartoon Network in 2008? I have seen a couple of videoes make that argument: Now I am not saying that TDI was a brilliant show or anything like that, but it did air at a time when Cartoon Network was in a bad spot (with all that CN real nonsense) and...
  2. R

    CN Schedules 1997-2004

    Hey you guys come checkout this cool site I found it’s called powerhouse schedules. The link to it I’ll provide down below: It has every lineup from the entire powerhouse era. Including the phase in of powerhouse, prime years of powerhouse, later years of...
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    Cartoon Network's Abandoned Cereal Campaign from 2001

    I found plenty of information on this campaign recently. If you do not know what this is, CN worked with Kellogg's to promote eight competing cereal types represented by a CN original show (all eight of the Cartoon Cartoons from the 1990's, even including Mike, Lu & Og). People would visit a...
  4. DobblerBrills

    The Ultimate Samurai Jack Fan Video

    I made this video for all the samurai Jack fans out there.
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    Does this page seem a bit paradoxical to anyone? Published in early 2019.