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  1. -batmat-

    Thoughts on Batman The Animated Series 24th Anniversary

    Yesterday, marked Batman The Animated Series' 24th anniversary (September 5th, 1992). Not because of it, but just because I felt like it, after dinner last night I watched ''The Dark Knight Returns - Part 1'' , mainly because it had been a while and because my sister has been getting into...
  2. James Harvey

    DC Comics Animation - Blu-ray/DVD/Digital News & Discussion Thread, Part 19 (Spoilers)

    It's time for the 19th installment of the Official DC Animation Blu-ray/DVD News & Discussion Thread - the most informative DC Animation DVD/Blu-ray thread online! Outside of official Blu-ray and DVD talkbacks, this is the place to post all your Blu-ray and DVD news and comments! Want the latest...
  3. A Brisk Autumn Day

    Could Green Lantern TAS be part of the DCAU?

    If it took place before the Superman episode "In Brightest Day"? Any contradictions? I know it's not necessarily meant to be part of the DCAU, but it's Bruce Timm, and if it's good, I'd love to add it to my head canon!