1. Bill N Back

    Bill N Back - Pilot Episode

    Hey Guys! I already shared some of the developements here in this old topic: Bill N Back - Animated Series But I've been working for years on an animated series pilot episode which I finally drop online today! It is mostly aimed for kids but I guess some of you guys can appreciate the short...
  2. Mostezli

    Winter 2021 Anime

    Some shows already premiered. The most popular series of the last decade did release a few episodes before the season officially kicked off. Game Adaptation / Crunchyroll Original The Sequels: Attack on Titan: The Final Season - This is it. The war to end it all. I wonder who survives...
  3. Mostezli

    2021 Upcoming Shows Nickelodeon Baby Shark (spinoff of Youtube channel) Big Nate (children's book CG adaptation) Brendar the Barbarian (puppet series from Trolls director and Jim Henson puppeteer) Middlemost...
  4. Mostezli

    Netflix Acquires Millarworld
  5. Yum

    I'm worried about the upcoming Sonic the Hedgehog movie...

    In truth, I really wish that the rights to SEGA's Sonic the Hedgehog series had gone to some other company other than Sony Pictures, especially if they're deciding to do it live-action. I've never even seen Deadpool, yet they hired the producer of that film for this one. Oh, why did Sonic have...
  6. Bill N Back

    Les Amis - 2D Animated Short

    Here is my first 2D animated short student film that I directed at the "Cégep du Vieux Montréal". It's a bit old now but I thought I'd share it since I never did here! Hope you enjoy!
  7. A

    Deadpool Gets Animated On FXX

    Alex Bean submitted news Deadpool Gets Animated On FXX Continue reading on Toonzone News.
  8. Bill N Back

    Bill N Back - Animated Series

    Update #4 The Kickstarter got 150% funded! Thanks to everyone who contributed to the project! Here's the Trailer for the ones who didn't see it yet: ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Update #3...
  9. Antonio Bravo

    Shows you would love Disney Channel/XD to Aquire?

    Well, Disney Channel only has one Aquired show: The ZhuZhus while Disney XD is packed with Canadian Programming and Now airs Pokemon and Beyblade. I was thinking for Disney XD to air the next Yu-Gi-Oh series after Nicktoons finishes Arc-V. As for Disney.....Well..... (Besides Love Live and...
  10. B

    Let me clear the air on the whole female singer artist sledgehammer stop motion music video remake 5-24-2016 You know for serval years, I've been posting on the topic of the fact, that now is the time for a female singer/artist to do their own version of Peter...
  11. T

    What are some good characters from worst cartoons

    Dukey Susan and Mary from Johnny Test.

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