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    Best and worst of Netflix animation in 2019

    I thought I would start a similar thread in regards to Netflix as the threads regarding Disney, Cartoon Network and Nickelodeon. In regards to animation, what are the best and worst decisions Netflix has made in 2019? We can throw in other streaming services like Hulu or Amazon Prime and any...
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    Warner Bros. Reveals New Logo for 2020!

    It's exactly what it says on the title. Warner Bros. is spicing up their signature shield before their 100th anniversary happening in 2023. Basic: And here is a slight variation on it for movies and TV projects: Deadline says they revealed it earlier today and it's scheduled to appear in WB...
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    November 2019 Nick Premieres

    November 2019 Nick Premieres. As Fall Continues... Thanksgiving is getting closer... Here are the November Premieres... December Premiere Thread - Is Here --> December 2019 Nick Premieres Nick: - New Bubble Guppies & Abby Hatcher on Nov 1st, Later that Day... America's Most Musical Family...
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    July 2019 Nick Premieres

    July 2019 Nick Premieres. The Summer is officially upon us, and now for the good stuff, Premieres and more Premieres... Nickelodeon Henry Danger Saturday, July 13th at 8PM - "Massage Chair" (#520) Saturday, July 27th at 8PM - "Henry Danger: The Musical" (#521- #522) (Special) (No Commercials!!)...
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    June 2019 Nick Premieres

    June 2019 Nick Premieres. Wow, What a Summer to look forward too... #AllThat, #HenryDanger, #AreYouSmarter, #TheLoudHouse, #LEGOCityAdventures & Much more... SpongeBob is back June 22nd with the Timeslot 'Saturday's at 11AM' Henry Danger & All That New Night of Premieres Start June 15th Game...
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    Kim Possible 2019

    I know these logos are old but this movie is a great movie. It looks like it was made in the 90s and 2000s, times when Disney movies where great. So what I'm asking is that when Kim Possible is released on dvd that it have these logos in the movie instead of today's logos. Also the Kim Possible...
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    January 2019 Nick Premieres

    January 2019 Nick Premieres. Happy New Year!!! 2019!! Will 2019 be a better year? what will it bring and mean to Nickelodeon... New Shows... Lots of New Episodes... Nickelodeon Cousins For Life Saturday, January 5th at 8:30PM - "Space Invader" (#102) (Series Premiere) Saturday, January 12th at...
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    2019 on Cartoon Network/Boomerang/Adult Swim Predictions

    2018 will be coming to an end in a few weeks and to honor it, I decided it was time to create a 2019 prediction thread, this time for Cartoon Network and Boomerang. This does include Adult Swim as well. In the meantime what could/would/should CN/Adult Swim/Boomerang do by 2019?
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    2019 on Nickelodeon Predictions

    In a few weeks, it will be time to say goodbye to 2018 and hello to 2019. What do you think Nickelodeon should do by 2019? Fixing schedules? Probably start promoting SpongeBob for his 20th? Cancel Henry Danger after five seasons? It’s all up to you to decide what happens to Nickelodeon...
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    "Astérix: The Secret of the Magic Potion" News & Discussion Thread

    We've gotten a few trailers for this one already: Trailer 1 (in French, no English subs)": Trailer 2 (in French, with English subs): Synopsis: The Gauls' local druid Getafix suffers an injury while collecting ingredients for his signature, super-strength-giving, magic potion. He realizes he...
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    What New Animated Series/Films Are You Most Looking Forward To in 2019!?

    With 2018 slowly winding down as we reach fall, I am curious looking to the year ahead, what NEW Animated series are you most looking forward to next year!? As for me I would say..... -Care Bears Unlock The Magic: Looks cute and whether it ends up on CN proper or Boom I look forward to...
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    Falcon Age Reveal Trailer

    Alex Bean submitted a new blog post Continue reading the Original Blog Post.
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    Generation Zero Announcement Trailer

    Alex Bean submitted a new blog post Generation Zero Announcement Trailer Continue reading the Original Blog Post.
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    E3 2018 - Insurgency: Sandstorm Trailer

    Alex Bean submitted a new blog post E3 2018 - Insurgency: Sandstorm Trailer Continue reading the Original Blog Post.
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    Disney Imagineers Discuss Star Wars-Themed Lands At Disneyland

    Alex Bean submitted news Disney Imagineers Discuss Star Wars-Themed Lands At Disneyland Continue reading on Toonzone News.