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  1. trfan

    You may hate me for this, but I kind of agree with Mr. Enter's 9/11 statement about Turning Red.

    Ehh.... I was actually alive in 2002 and 9/11 was just not a daily topic of conversation among kids in April/May 2002. Maybe sure, in the fall or Winter of 2001. But anyways, I think the movie is just fine not acknowledging 9/11. Also it takes place in Toronto, not NYC. Assuming that you must...
  2. trfan

    Turning Red (Pixar Movie) (News And Discussion)

    how do you guys feel about Turning Red's Oscar chances? I feel it highly depends on how Lightyear turns out. Like maybe if Lightyear is in the 80s on the tomatometer, they might lean on Turning Red for Oscars. Also there's Strange World, but who knows about that.
  3. trfan

    Turning Red (Pixar Movie) (News And Discussion)

    Whether it's clichéd or not is neither here nor there. It's brilliantly original in my opinion, for what it is: A pixar movie. The difficult moments are why I love it so... and I think people just want to forget about them sometimes.
  4. trfan

    Has Pixar lost its "style"?

    You can't expect things to stay the same as they were 25+ years ago. Pixar spurred competition, they rested on laurels, and now maybe they're making new things.
  5. trfan

    Turning Red vs. Brave: How Pixar Changed in the Last 10 Years?

    Was the Buddy aspect the only thing that was flouted? I wonder how Lasseter would have responded to some of the more unconventional scenes... such as the ones that pushed the PG envelope. (Mermaid drawings, Red Peony etc.)

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