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  1. mimitchi33

    With Flash being discontinued, I was wondering about this...

    Some of the pages on Platypus Comix contain videos and other content that run on Adobe Flash. Will these be replaced with non-Flash versions in the future?
  2. mimitchi33

    WildBrain Spark Earns Its' Stripes With Shimajiro

    You guys remember that infamous Japanese toilet-training video about a family of talking tigers, right? Well, it was from a program called Kodomo Challenge, whose mascot character, Shimajiro, has not just a series of educational videos, but his own television series. Surprisingly, WildBrain...
  3. mimitchi33

    Animaniacs in Ocean's Eight?

    So I was looking for reviews of Animaniacs Live! touring show (because I remembered how much I loved it when I saw it last winter) and was shocked by the fact that the similarly-named DVD bonus feature had a page on IMDB. That lead me onto the main Animaniacs page, and on the Movie Connections...
  4. mimitchi33

    Is it just me, or...?

    In the past few weeks, I've noticed that Nickelodeon tends to run PAW Patrol more than SpongeBob. For example, the whole morning line-up today, outside of a new episode of Top Wing, was nothing but PAW Patrol, including a new episode of THAT too. They don't even do this with SpongeBob anymore...
  5. mimitchi33

    Grandma Got Run Over By A Reindeer moves to Freeform

    Now here's something I didn't expect to see on this year's 25 Days of Christmas schedule. Apparently, Freeform is showing Grandma Got Run Over By a Reindeer on December 21st and 22nd at 7AM. The runtime is exactly the same as the version the CW, so I assume it's the 1999 Film Romain special...
  6. mimitchi33

    Teen Titans Go Egg Hunt contest?

    Before this weekend's marathon happened, I recalled reading an article on some website that said that if you were able to name the scenes in the episodes where Easter eggs appeared, you would be eligible to win some prize (I think it was money?). Does anyone else know about this? It sounds like...
  7. mimitchi33

    Why is there a Teen Titans Go marathon on for the next three days?

    I was looking on the TV listings to record Christmas specials and I see that CN is airing a Teen Titans Go! marathon all weekend, and I don't know why. I know that yesterday was Thanksgiving, but that seems like an odd choice, as none of the characters on that show are thankful for anything and...
  8. mimitchi33

    Zodiak Kids, Britt Allcroft to redevelop Mumfie

    Anyone else besides me recall watching this masterpiece by Britt Allcroft as a kid? If yes, then there's good news: the studio that animated Totally Spies and Lolirock is going to revive this show. You can read all about it here. What do you think of this news, guys? I'm hyped for this, to say...
  9. mimitchi33

    Saturday morning cartoons on weekdays?

    When I was a child in either 2007 or 2008, my NBC affiliate ran a couple of episodes of 3-2-1 Penguins and VeggieTales during a weekday afternoon during President's Week back when those shows were still on qubo. I've asked a few people I know, including friends at school when this happened, if...
  10. mimitchi33

    Britt Allcroft's Magic Adventures of Mumfie

    Hello there, I have seen very few topics on this show, so I decided to start one up. After the success of her Thomas The Tank Engine and Friends series, Britt Allcroft, whom adapted Thomas for television, decided to adapt another children's book series called Mumfie. The original books centered...
  11. mimitchi33

    What's the deal with toddlers liking SpongeBob?

    Ever since the post-Atlantis Squarepantis episodes and the debut of shows like Adventure Time and channels like Disney XD, I've rarely ever heard any kid in SpongeBob's target demographic of 6-12 year olds talk about the show. When they do, it's usually something about how it's gotten worse...
  12. mimitchi33

    "Garfield" Family Night at Ryan's, HomeTown Buffet and Old Country Buffet this September

    While looking for news about Garfield today, I stumbled upon this news article, announcing a very interesting tie-in: Ryan's, HomeTown Buffet and Old Country Buffet Partner With Cool Cat Garfield for Purr-fect Family Night Promotion This September America’s favorite food-loving cat...
  13. mimitchi33

    A mistake in the U.S. Acres cartoon "Wanted: Wade"

    This topic is in the Platypus Comix section because the site's owner is interested in Garfield and Friends, and I found this trivia piece very interesting and helpful for fans who commonly make this error. Does anyone remember the U.S. Acres cartoon Wanted: Wade? In that cartoon, Wade Duck...
  14. mimitchi33

    Looking for Garfield and Friends episodes with the original U.S. Acres title cards

    I'm looking for Garfield and Friends episodes with the original U.S. Acres title cards on the U.S. Acres segments from their syndicated or original airings. There are ones on Dailymotion that appear to have been edited from the DVD title cards, but I'd love to see the original versions. I do...
  15. mimitchi33

    "Garfield and Friends" still in syndication?

    I was looking on The Program Exchange's website to see what programs they are currently syndicating, and I came across the animation section. In that section, I came across this description of their animated programs: All of the shows mentioned in this quote, except for Garfield, are on the...
  16. mimitchi33

    April Fool's 2013 Shenanigans Megathread [Disney edition]

    Toon disney set to return friday, june 21, 2013 in the u.s. TOON DISNEY SET TO LAUNCH FRIDAY, JUNE 21, IN THE U.S. Re-launch highlighted by classics "Recess," "Doug," "Pepper Ann," "DuckTales," "Darkwing Duck," "Bonkers" and "Gargoyles" A fan favorite for years, Toon Disney, a 24-hour...
  17. mimitchi33

    WB Store is back?

    I was watching an episode of Ellen when they showed a WB store in one of the segments! They did not say where it was located, and I did not see any Silver Age show merchandise, not even any Animaniacs or Tiny Toons. Does anyone know about this WB store?
  18. mimitchi33

    Looking for 2 Animaniacs items

    I don't need these items anymore!
  19. mimitchi33

    Toon Zone Talkback - SpongeBob Helps Boy Save Friend From Drowning

    This is the talkback thread for SpongeBob Helps Boy Save Friend From Drowning. I'd like to say congrats to the boy who was a hero! Did anyone remember the story in april where a 12 year old girl saved her friend from choking on gum using the Heimlich manuver that she learned from SB? Here's...
  20. mimitchi33

    Toon Zone Talkback - "ZeFronk" Second Season to Debut in July

    This is the talkback thread for "ZeFronk" Second Season to Debut in July. My sister watches that show. She even managed to watch some of the second season's episodes before they were removed off YouTube. One video she made had this: "And now, the stars of 4Kids will sing OLE!" Dom said Ole!

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