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  1. Peter Paltridge

    "Why Jughead's Time Police is Awesome" Talkback

    Platypus Comix returns from its break with the most vital piece of information you'll read all year: you need to know why JUGHEAD'S TIME POLICE IS AWESOME!
  2. Peter Paltridge

    "Important Update / Fifteen Weirdest Pilots Of 2021" Talkback

    THIS WEEK IN PLATYPUS COMIX: It's time for an IMPORTANT UPDATE from the Platypus Comix CEO! Then, stay tuned for the FIFTEEN WEIRDEST PILOTS of 2021!
  3. Peter Paltridge

    "Things I found In Link's Awakening" Talkback

    The Zelda series is 35 years old today! And since Nintendo sure won't commemorate the occasion, it's up to us. Here are some things you never knew were in Link's Awakening (because they were buried in the code)....
  4. Peter Paltridge

    "Platypus Comix Presents Passions: Episode #587657" Talkback

    Uh-oh...Platypus Comix just got its hands on a tape containing the January 10, 2001 episode of PASSIONS! What disturbing insanity lies coded on the magnetic strip? Let's find out together...
  5. Peter Paltridge

    Christmas Tales 2020

    Previously on Christmas Tales:[title_only]=1&c[users]=Peter+Paltridge&o=relevance It goes without saying this is going to be a weird one. Hopefully you found a way to connect with your relatives this year, whether it...
  6. Peter Paltridge

    "1989 Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade" Talkback We haven't covered a parade in a let's fix that! It's 1989 this time! There's always a Joker in the deck!
  7. Peter Paltridge

    I've created three NES demos -- and you can play 'em now

    Didja know? There's a competition going on for game demos that run on the original Nintendo, and I have THREE entries in the running. Games like MESS MAKER, the creative stamp program....and PLATFORMER TEXT ADVENTURE, a thrilling romp through a harsh world of fungus people.... As for the...
  8. Peter Paltridge

    "THE FULL EXPERIENCE: Animaniacs Again" Talkback

    Did you hear -- Animaniacs has returned at last! And to celebrate, THE FULL EXPERIENCE is back with a look at a recording from September of 1994! So much bad food!
  9. Peter Paltridge

    "1408: The World's Freakiest Escape Room" Talkback Disgruntled writers check in, but they DON'T check out of room 1408! This Halloween, let Platypus Comix take you on a guided our of THE WORLD'S FREAKIEST ESCAPE ROOM!
  10. Peter Paltridge

    "I Own A Physical Copy Of...." Talkback

    There are less than three thousand people in the world who have a physical copy of Devespresso Games' Vambrace: Cold Soul sitting on their shelf. I am one of them. What wacky circumstances resulted in this, and how did I get to be so privileged? Find out this week...
  11. Peter Paltridge

    "The Urban Legends Of Zelda" Talkback It was once only a pipe dream to have another Zelda game on the N64...then three were released within one month! None are official, of course...a minor detail. Platypus Comix evaluates them ALL, down to every non-canonical detail!
  12. Peter Paltridge


    Did you hear? is in danger of disappearing! Everybody grab and preserve what you can, quick! I've done my part....
  13. Peter Paltridge

    "Nine Ways To Fillet A Comic Strip" Talkback

    Comic strips! They can be prepared all sorts of ways. Here are the nine most common methods of serving one up....
  14. Peter Paltridge

    "The Full Experience: Mega Man" Talkback I would announce this on the Platypus Comix Facebook page, doesn't work! A baffling glitch prevents me from posting there right now! And I have no idea how long that glitch will last! Could be months, who knows! Great %$#$@$%...
  15. Peter Paltridge

    "For Your Consideration 2020" Talkback

    They're back....we take another look at the private DVD sets that are only sent to members of the Emmy community! And this time, we got our hands on quite a few of them!
  16. Peter Paltridge

    Super Mario Maker 2 Gains World Maker Mode In Final Update

    Continue reading...
  17. Peter Paltridge

    "Let's Watch Another Blossom Episode" Talkback

    Has it come to this? Have things become so grim out there that we're bringing back Blossom again? 'Fraid so! This time, Blossom and Six trash a hotel room and maybe meet Agent J -- who knows?
  18. Peter Paltridge

    "Fifteen Weirdest TV Pilots of 2020" Talkback It's that time of the year again....the fresh batch of weirdos is ready!
  19. Peter Paltridge

    "Larry And Jennifer's Rocky Road Of Romance" Talkback

    You think YOUR dating life is rough? You don't know what REAL hardship is like until you've been hypnotized, dangling from a cliff or locked in a room full of electrically charged flood water! This Valentine's Month, it's LARRY AND JENNIFER'S ROCKY ROAD OF ROMANCE...
  20. Peter Paltridge

    Allison of Astra: Prerelease Thread

    Last October a demo for an upcoming Platypus Comix series appeared at Portland Retro Gaming Expo. Today we reveal its name, the demo itself, and the first public image of its title character: Allison, the character you play as, is a small six-year-old with the ability to travel through...

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