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  1. TenPoundHammer

    "The Island of Misfit Christmas Specials" Talkback

    I'm still waiting to see what's done for the Hoops & Yoyo special. That was... a thing. Peter actually sent it to me ages ago.
  2. TenPoundHammer

    "The Final Days of PAX" Talkback

    I remember watching "It's a Miracle" entirely as an excuse to stay up late. I was such a dork.
  3. TenPoundHammer

    Your Toys R Us Memories

    I never went to Toys R Us because it was 2 hours away and mom's opinion on literally everything fun was "you don't need it".
  4. TenPoundHammer

    I Learned Something Today

    So our furnace wasn't working. We hired someone to repair it, and he said it was a total death trap that needed replacement. Thankfully, it wasn't getting any power, or it would've killed us by kicking exhaust back into the house.
  5. TenPoundHammer

    Christmas Tales 2014

    I got a ton of used CDs I wanted, two more seasons of Adventure Time, Guardians of the Galaxy, posters of Guardians and Big Hero 6, a Guardians calendar, a Toothless piggy bank, and a bunch of nerdy shirts (Steven Universe, Toothless, Baymax, etc.). And a nasty cold that lasted until the 27th.
  6. TenPoundHammer

    "The Island of Misfit Christmas Specials" Talkback

    Congratulations, you made it through an entire article on Chuck E. Cheese's without once making a Five Nights at Freddy's reference.
  7. TenPoundHammer

    "A Garfield Christmas Special" ORIGINAL 1987 VERSION ON HULU

    I remember that the book version had a couple lines that were different from the version I remember seeing as a child. Seems like there was one more "Whoever invented ___ should be drug out into the street and shot" line in the book that I don't ever remember seeing animated.
  8. TenPoundHammer

    The Disney Adventures Archive, Part 4: On Stranger Tides

    My collection is 1998 onward with a few scattered issues before then. I don't remember reading it before 1997 anyway, so it's where my nostalgia is. Sorry I've let this thread gather dust for so long, but I lost motivation and then got caught up in moving.
  9. TenPoundHammer

    Earworms U Hate

    Our local Top 40 station has a playlist so narrow that I would not be surprised if they never added anything involving Pharrell Williams. This is the same station that, the week "Rolling in the Deep" was #1, did not play it ONCE in a six hour span. And yet they still play one-hit wonder garbage...
  10. TenPoundHammer

    Cartoon Network Technical Glitches

    When I had Primestar in 1997, I would sometimes watch the Spanish version of CN because I was starting to learn Spanish at the time. I seem to recall that sometimes, the English audio would come through anyway. Also, the closed captioning was still in English. The first time I watched Cartoon...
  11. TenPoundHammer

    Underrated/Overlooked Cartoons & Anime

    Mine: Birdz: Said it before. The jokes mostly work, the parents are actually nice for a change, Eddie is an interestingly developed character (his main "hook" is that he likes to film everything, which I found quite inspired), and I like the character designs. Most of the episodes have a moral...
  12. TenPoundHammer

    TALKBACK - Steven Universe "Giant Woman" [2/24]

    "All I wanna do is see you turn into a giant woman…" Damn it, that's gonna be stuck in my head all day. Joining this series late. I think I walked in on a good one. One of my long time friends who's a big Adventure Time fan is also a big fan of this series, and after seeing how much she'd...
  13. TenPoundHammer

    When shows just lose their luster for you

    Chowder went this way for me in a hurry. The first few episodes were brilliant. I loved the animation style, the jokes (especially the fourth wall jokes; I'm a big fan of those), the voice acting (particularly Nicky Jones), and the overall tone of the show. But after a while, it just felt like...
  14. TenPoundHammer

    Most hated commercial? (Part 7)

    A local CBS affiliate has a lot of in-studio ads consisting just of graphics and voiceovers. One is for a golf voucher valid at a bunch of local courses. To promote it, they have an image of a crown-wearing golf ball who is supposed to be a "golf god". And his voiceover is just the same guy who...
  15. TenPoundHammer

    Good episodes from shows you hate/dislike.

    When I was a kid, I went from "I like Animaniacs" to "I like Animaniacs but hate the theme song" to "I hate almost everything about Animaniacs" within the course of about half a year. But even when I decided the show wasn't my thing, I do remember still liking some of the secondary cast like The...
  16. TenPoundHammer

    "The LEGO Movie" Talkback (Spoilers)

    Saw it the other day. Wow, "everything is awesome" indeed. The film was just straight-up fun, and the twist at the end was a beautiful and heartwarming scene with a great layer of subtext that didn't negate the entire previous part. I thought a few of the jokes were dragged out a bit too long...
  17. TenPoundHammer

    "Peabody and Sherman" Pre-Release Discussion

    "...and in his spare time he invented the fist bump, planking, Auto-Tune, the backside ollie, and zumba." I admit I lol'd.
  18. TenPoundHammer

    Crappy/Worst Cartoons Ever

    Shawn: +1 for epic trolling.
  19. TenPoundHammer

    Try the videos again

    The Cyborg clip is working just fine for me and no longer autoplaying without me touching anything, but Winnie still doesn't show up. I have the same OS and browser as Dsneybuf.
  20. TenPoundHammer

    The Disney Adventures Archive, Part 2

    ^ Inbay: Most of the broken links are from when J.B. Warner was still doing this, and he's apparently been having computer issues. Also, please don't bump old threads.

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