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  1. TheCartoonRailfan

    Streaming Services that Existed in the 90's and 2000's

    I figured this would be a good time to talk about streaming services that existed back in the 90’s and 2000’s just to understand the history. This is all I know based on forum searches. Manga Entertainment had Spunik7 which aired some anime series. AOL had In2TV (2006) and AOL Video...
  2. TheCartoonRailfan

    R.I.P Charlie Daniels (1936-2020)

    Charlie Daniels passed away today at the age of 83, who was well-known for his contributions to country music. He garnered widespread fame for composing The Devil Went Down to Georgia. Charlie Daniels (1936-2020)
  3. TheCartoonRailfan

    American Cartoons and Japanese Anime That are Popular in China?

    I have always wanted to know the popularity of different series in China. I remember seeing a scene from The Karate Kid that featured the SpongeBob SquarePants episode: Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy III in Mandarin. From what I've heard, the Dragon Ball and Sailor Moon franchises were popular...
  4. TheCartoonRailfan

    What Anime Series Did Adult Swim and Toonami Plan on Acquiring?

    I was just searching through some old threads and websites, and I found out that Toonami and Adult Swim planned to acquire series they were hoping to air. One case was an old poll by involving voting for which series should Adult Swim air. The series that lost were Gungrave and Peace Maker...
  5. TheCartoonRailfan

    The Time a Certain PBS Station (KTEH) Aired Anime

    From 1995 to around the early-mid 2000’s, KTEH, a PBS station in the San Francisco Bay area, aired anime, mostly of the science fiction variety. Catering mainly to Gen X’ers and older Millennials, the station was well-known for airing anime, dubbed and subtitled. Unlike Toonami, KTEH would air...
  6. TheCartoonRailfan

    R.I.P. Kenny Rogers (1938-2020)

    Kenny Rogers passed away today at the age of 81. Death of Kenny Rogers
  7. TheCartoonRailfan

    How did Canada obtain an AS channel?

    We are now coming up on the 1st Anniversary of Adult Swim Canada, which airs a wide variety of programming highly similar to the AS block in the USA. Given the success of AS Canada, will a similar channel work in the USA? How did Canada manage to obtain an AS channel in the first place? Is it...
  8. TheCartoonRailfan

    Any Railfans Here?

    I happen to be nuts about trains, and I have traveled to quite a few places within the Eastern U.S. and parts of California to view trains. I'm also an avid virtual railfanner, viewing trains online via webcams and playing virtual train simulators. On the virtual side, I started out with...
  9. TheCartoonRailfan

    Star Wars References in Animation

    We all know that Star Wars is one of the most influential media franchises in history. We have recently seen the Baby Yoda meme from The Mandalorian on Disney Plus, and a lot of us are getting excited over The Rise of Skywalker, which is set to be released in theaters on December 20th. Star...
  10. TheCartoonRailfan

    Do People Really Celebrate Thanksgiving Anymore?

    We are now less than a week away from Thanksgiving, but I feel that people just don't celebrate the holiday. For most, it's just a day of eating and shopping. I still celebrate Thanksgiving by spending time with family, consuming turkey, cranberries, and stuffing, and watching the Macy's...
  11. TheCartoonRailfan

    Duration of Shows on Toonami

    I was just viewing some of the schedules from this past year on Toonami, and I noticed that some series such as Megalo Box and The Promised Neverland were only on the air for not even three months. Afterwards, they just disappeared from the schedule. I have seen this occur with Cardcaptors in...
  12. TheCartoonRailfan

    Will Cartoon Network Start Their Own Streaming Service?

    You are probably familiar with Disney's streaming service and the news that Nickelodeon has partnered with Netflix, but what if Cartoon Network started their own streaming service? I am kind of thinking that Cartoon Network would be able to bring back their old shows and create some new content...
  13. TheCartoonRailfan

    Who remembers Shining Stars?

    From around 2006-2010, the now defunct Russ Berrie ran Shining Stars. Shining Stars was basically a more mundane version of Webkinz. You could buy any plush toy, and the toy would come with a code. With the toy and code, you could name your own star since Shining Stars collaborated with the...
  14. TheCartoonRailfan

    Why Did Preschool Programming on Cartoon Network Fail?

    Most of are you are highly familiar with Nickelodeon's Nick Jr. and Disney's Disney Jr.'s(once Playhouse Disney) blocks, which cater mainly to preschoolers and are highly successful. Cartoon Network once experimented with their own preschool programming but did not last long. I will give a...
  15. TheCartoonRailfan

    Anime Work in South Korea?

    While watching One-Punch Man on Toonami this past Saturday, I noticed some portions of the credits contained many Korean names. I'm quite familiar with Rough Draft Korea, which has performed manual work for many American cartoons. Does this also apply to Japanese anime?
  16. TheCartoonRailfan

    The Decline in the Quantity of PC Games

    Am I the only one who has noticed a decline in the quantity of PC games? Back in the early 2000's, I remember visiting Fry's Electronics and encountering a massive amount of PC games. When I walk into either Target, Walmart, or Best Buy today, there is almost nothing with regard to PC games...
  17. TheCartoonRailfan

    Who doesn't celebrate Halloween?

    Am I the only one who feels that Halloween is really just for young children? I used to celebrate by trick or treating and attending various events in my costumes. But as soon as I started high school, I pretty much stopped celebrating the holiday. For Halloween, I just watch various movies...
  18. TheCartoonRailfan

    Will Sailor Moon ever air again on U.S. Television?

    Hey Everyone, Do you think that Sailor Moon will ever air on U.S. television again? What are the main reasons it won't air again? Also, in addition to airing on Cartoon Network (June 1998-May 2001, June-July 2002) and KidsWB (September 2001), when did it also air on Fox and UPN? Any help...
  19. TheCartoonRailfan

    Who Remembers Hamtaro?

    Does anyone here remember being enamored with Hamtaro in the early 2000's? I was just four when the series came to the U.S., and I bought just about everything relating to Hamtaro, including the VHS tapes, toys, books, and video games. I briefly remember watching the series early in the...
  20. TheCartoonRailfan

    Who Remembers Disney Adventures Magazine

    Does anyone here remember reading Disney Adventures Magazine? I remember my first issue was October 2003, and I would buy it every time at the checkout aisle at Target. I was mainly attracted to the comics and the info about the TV shows. Also, do you think that Disney will bring back the...

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