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    The Barbarian and the Troll news discussion thread

    Since nobody made a thread, thought I'd make a thread for it. The Barbarian and the Troll is an ok show for me in my opinion. First time for puppets show since Mr. Meaty or Cousin Skeeter. Currently airs new episodes every Fridays on Nick at 7:30PM EST. Also youtube nickelodeon is streaming...
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    Upcoming Nick programming thread part 3 That thread reached 1000 posts and this is new one
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    ViacomCBS terminates the relationship deal Nick Cannon

    ViacomCBS ends the relationship working with Nick Cannon due to Nick Cannon's anti-Semitic comments he made on his YouTube podcast show. Cannon has already had done with Nickelodeon before.. few years ago was Lip Sync Battle Shorties. Last year on TeenNick he did short lived series of Fresh Artist
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    International Nickelodeon thread part 11 The international thread part 10 already reached 1000 posts, here's new thread for international Nick thread. Continue discussion here.
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    Kids Choice Awards 2020 Discussion and news

    Not sure if it's ok to post on Nicktoons section or entertainment section, but I thought more people are using Nicktoons section than entertainment section to recognize this thread. Annie LeBlanc and Hayley LeBlanc are currently hosting the nominees of KCA...
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    Lionsgate is making a mixed animated/live-action movie based on the Rabbids.

    Not sure if anyone noticed, but it looks like Lionsgate movie mixed animation/live action of Rabbids
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    Nickelodeon on Netflix

    Not sure if this thread was made... but Nickelodeon programming is back on Netflix
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    International Nickelodeon Thread Part 10 Time to make new thread, since the previous ones reached at least 1000 posts. Continue discussion here.
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    Viacom acquiring rights for Seinfeld Starting Oct 2021, Viacom will acquire rights for Seinfeld as TBS will lose rights for it. It mentions Paramount, TVLand, and Comedy Central. PopTV might air it if ViacomCBS merger is complete...
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    Nickelodeon staff updates

    Since no one responds on entertainment section, I thought I'll post it on Nicktoons section.. 2 new executives has been added
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    Nickelodeon Taps Jenny Wall, Eryk Casemiro for Exec Posts

    2 new executives has been added:
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    International Nickelodeon Thread Part 9 Since the previous thread reached 1000 posts, time to make a new one. Continue discussion here... thanks
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    Viacom is shutting down Nick 2

    I don't know if there was a thread like that, but according to nickandmore tweet, Viacom is shutting down Nick 2. (duplication of Nick pacific feed) starting Nov 22.
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    about; NOW nick mobile device

    Since these shows hasn't been active, all or most episodes have been removed from but kept digital shorts and sneak peek clips there. These are Bella and the Bulldogs (first episode of season 2), Every Witch Way, Fairly OddParents, Harvey Beaks, Hey Arnold (last year was on

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