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  1. Palk Áron 2002

    Your favorite members that you follow

    In this thread, you can list your favorite members from this forum that you follow. Give reasons too why. This is my list (alphabetical order). AdrenalineRush1996 - He follows me almost since I joined this forum (I don't know why) and he does a similar hobby here: chatting in a great range of...
  2. Palk Áron 2002

    Television idents you miss

    Welcome to the thread where you can discuss why do you miss your favorite, retired ident sets, even closed channels too. Here is my long list. RTL Klub: either 2005-2008 or 2008-2017. For the former, that was the first ident set I saw from that channel. The eye is cute. And for the latter, the...
  3. Palk Áron 2002

    Palk Áron 2002's Arts

    Welcome to the thread where I post my arts made in GIMP and Paint 3D since 2019, and you can discuss about them if you want. I will start with these. Arena 4 Hungary ad-break ident concept, made on 14 March 2020, 16 days before the channel launched. At that time, the development of the ident...
  4. Palk Áron 2002

    Closed radio stations you miss

    Based on themidnightlore's thread, you can discuss here why do you miss closed radio stations. I'll begin with my list (all of them are Hungarian). 1-2) Danubius* and Class FM. Danubius was the first private radio station in Hungary. Launched in 1986 as a German-language radio on Lake Balaton...
  5. Palk Áron 2002

    List of production music used by general international TV channels

    This is the thread where you can post production music used in idents, countdowns, fillers and lineups of general international TV channels. I highly recommend this thread to @Moleoman because he is very good at finding production music. I formatted them in the following: Music title [artist...
  6. Palk Áron 2002

    Adobe Flash Memorial Thread

    Welcome to the Adobe Flash memorial thread. You can discuss your memories with Flash games and list the games you've played until its ultimate ending on 12 January 2021. I experienced Flash for the 1st time in Spring 2007. Below here is a list of select Flash games I've ever played. Prior to...
  7. Palk Áron 2002

    Cartoon Network International News Thread 10.0

    Welcome to the 10th international Cartoon Network thread, the place to discuss Cartoon Networks outside the USA. This is the previous thread, which reached 1K messages.

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