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  1. harry580

    Make your own channel!

    so in this timeline, pbs kids/pbs kids sprout/sprout would become universal junior?
  2. harry580

    Fantasy TV channels ideas?

    well, universal airs woody woodpeckers on fox kids long before nbc bought universal, so now nbc bought universal, they could air woody woodpecker on a kids channel universal owns (looking at you universal kids)
  3. harry580

    Corrupt the Wish above you

    but it would be worst than before I wish there's a gameworks in nj
  4. harry580

    "Toonami" News & Discussion Thread

    I still wish sony would instead bought a upstart anime streaming service instead of buying crunchyroll, now they in doj, I don't if sony could block the merger or not well for the people upset about geneon closing, that for the American geneon, the Japan geneon was acquired by universal and...
  5. harry580

    Corrupt the Wish above you

    but it still be released in strandard cienmas I wish there's a Hardees and carl jr in New Jersey
  6. harry580

    Fantasy TV channels ideas?

    well universal holds the rights to woody woodpecker but they could air that in a kids channel owned by universal that is better than universal kids
  7. harry580

    "Toonami" News & Discussion Thread

    well, look like Warner Bros has failed toonami, I wish Warner Bros could buy a anime studio like universal bought geneon Entertainment which was a anime studio so they can provide content on toonami
  8. harry580

    Fantasy TV channels ideas?

    the same shows fox kids and fox family used to aired (fox kids and saban) along with new original programming such as animated adaptations of movies like night at the museum, diary of a wimpy kid, ice age rio and more
  9. harry580

    International Nickelodeon thread part 11

    welcome to Japan, nick plus
  10. harry580

    Post something random

    Sega world in London
  11. harry580

    I Learned Something Today

    the working title for total drama is camp tv, the working title is still seen as camp tv productions
  12. harry580

    Post random pictures

    pictures of inside of the fireworks factory at pleasure island (now disney springs)
  13. harry580

    Dark Mickey Mouse action show?

    if they do that, at least it be better than the live action remakes
  14. harry580

    Fantasy TV channels ideas?

    fox kids network America, a American version of fox kids channels in Australia, europe and Latin America fox family would instead be a sister channel to fox kids network America
  15. harry580

    "Alien"/"Prometheus"/"Predator" Sequels News & Discussion (Spoilers)

    yeah, I hope the writers lost the lawsuit
  16. harry580

    Cartoon Cartoons Shorts Programs

    well, is it possible they can pitch the two cartoons to other networks or hbo max?
  17. harry580

    Animation on FOX Talkback 2020-2021 (Spoilers)

    oh, its explains everything
  18. harry580

    Screw up a title of a TV show/Movie

    dababy geniuses
  19. harry580

    Screw up a title of a TV show/Movie

    cool walkings

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