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  1. harry580

    fox launching Fox sports news family

    fox corporation announced they launching the family friendly version of fox sports and Fox News called Fox sports news family channel: this is the logo: its programming will have reruns of shows like wild glinders, nfl rush zone and more and original programming like fox sports branded animated...
  2. harry580

    wildbrain biringing back hammerman

    its announced today that wildbrain will be bringing back a fan favorite cartoon from the 90s: hammerman this new series will be cgi and mc hammer will reprise his role of hammerman in live action parts and he be replacing Clark Johnson as the voice of hammerman, the series will be on Netflix in...
  3. harry580

    Brad & Gary, a lost Illumination short film

    this short film by Illumination is always a mystery to me as I search up the short after discovering it on the wiki pages for the films by Illumination, all I know this film is produced in 2011 and in September 2012, the short was selected as part of the Reel Shorts Film Festival. Very little is...
  4. harry580

    mai the psychic girl anime

    now for those who don't know there no adaptations of mai the psychic girl, a manga that ran from 1985-1986, there was supposed to be one by the new wave rock band sparks with interest from Burton and Carolco Pictures, but Tim Burton chose to work on the nightmare before Christmas and ed wood for...
  5. harry580

    terrible grubhub ads

    so 3 months ago this commercial aired and its was hated so much that it become a meme, yes I referring to the grubhub ad: so anyways this is one of the series of animated commercials that grubhub made due to this damn pandemic with the other one made in summer of 2020: I don't know if...
  6. harry580

    no activity: the animated series

    i know im late for the announcement but:
  7. harry580

    anyone familiar with thomas lopez?

    he went by the name on this forums and deviantart as tommypezmaster and on youtube as thomas lopez i wonder whatever happen to that account i know he still on deviantart and youtube but whatever happen to his account on this forum
  8. harry580

    replace one word in a movie with burgers

    avengers age of burgers burgermon burgers in disguise ice age dawn of the burgers star wars: the burgers awakens burgers space
  9. harry580

    remember cn flicks

    for does who have not seen cartoon network during its live action dark age. cartoon network flicks was a movie block that replace cartoon theatre and movie madness, its featured the tagline: catch a flick with the flicks, that block aired animated movies and yes live action movies, the block was...
  10. harry580

    crash bandicoot as a animated series/movie, woah or nay

    i wonder for the past week over the video that was uploaded to youtube back in 2015 involving crash bandicoot: this make me wonder what if universal (illumation/dreamworks) or sony (sony animation) makes a animated series based on crash bandicoot based on this unused cutscene, imagine making a...
  11. harry580

    theards you dont see on the forums anytime soon

    a just for fun theard. these are theard topics we will (most likely) never see here on the forums feel free to add your own why all the hate for toy story? wildbrain: bring back hammerman reasons why live action shows are a great fit for cartoon network best time for a spongebob spam on nick...

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