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    After the successful launch of the last season. Crunchyroll anounces EX ARM PART 2. They're also teaming up with the Foodfight Studio Threshold Animation to co produce with Visual Flight. If the second season brings more success they're planning to do a crossover with Foodfight. Guys i don't...
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    Pitch the most cynical and absurd reboot imaginable

    I'll give out an example on how you can pitch your idea for a absurd/cynical reboot Nickelodeon's Mutt and Jeff where they're 10 year old boys making fart jokes and meme references and basically it's FanBoy and Chum Chum 2.0 but they took some 113 year old comic that no one talks about or...
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    I feel like if The Thief and The Cobbler got butchered and screwed over in today's time period, It wouldn't be a pretty picture

    Like in today's time period when almost everyone has social media accounts. I bet you if they pull what they did to TatC now. Artists and animators who worked on the film would've been infuriated and would've gone on their Facebooks, Twitters, etc. talking smack to WB (which was supposed to...
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    Do you think that some of the cartoon community got a little spoiled with story based cartoons and not give comedic episodic cartoons a chance?

    It feels like since we now live an age thanks to Gravity Falls and Steven Universe. Most animation fans care about are more story based, continuity heavy cartoons. Leaving some the more comedic shows like Craig of the Creek or even Milo Murphy's Law left to the dust and not talked about too...
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    What's a old property that nobody talks or cares about you could see getting a reboot?

    Personally just for laughs and as a joke i could see some company deciding to reboot Felix the Cat of all things for modern audiences. But it's like how are you going to reboot that for a new generation when that character was overshadowed by Mickey Mouse and since those 90+ years nobody cares...
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    What do you think the 2020's will bring as far as Animation goes.

    We are currently a week until 2020 begins A lot of things changed since the 2010's began. Many things i could think of like the rise of more story based western cartoons, Western action cartoons having a downfall in the start to having a quiet comeback during the end of the 2010's, Anime...
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    Do you think some execs who work at kids networks don't care or hate their target audience and all they think is are we going to make quick money?

    Yes corporate sides of networks can be very screwy when it comes to business decisions like cancelling fan favorites or green lighting terrible cheap shows. But sometimes there's always things that networks do that is just downright cruel But sometimes i think that some networks get execs that...
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    Do you think we will enter another dark age of animation?

    As of right now for TV and feature animation is in a new renaissance more animated movies and TV shows are taking more creative risks than ever. But we are about to enter the 2020's at this point streaming services are ramping up their animation slates and it feels like too many are being...
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    I'm surprised on what Cyma did to Nick that the animation studio or the whole network didn't shut down

    With all the stuff she did during her time as president i'm surprised that neither Viacom pulled the plug on the network or have the animation studio go into a strike because of her actions

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