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  1. brodie999

    Baby Sonic Story

    I know that some Sonic stories have been bad and all and the stories of characters being turned into babies are behind us, but if Archie and Sega ever developed a story where Sonic gets turned into a baby, it would probably be the funniest Sonic story ever except for maybe the AOSTH Baby episode...
  2. brodie999

    Marvel Animation Fan-Art

    Someone created Gwen Stacy in EMH style on Deviantart. And she even looks a bit like Jennifer Nocturne from Ben 10: UA.
  3. brodie999

    The Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes Season 2 (Brodie999's version #2)

    Along Came a Spider..: The whole city has turned against Captain America while he tries to regain his tarnished reputation. But when the Serpent Society attempts to rescue Viper, New York is put in the crossfire with only Captain America and the equally mistrusted Spider-Man to save them...
  4. brodie999

    Animated Sonic The Hedgehog Movie By Kevin Munroe

    Since Ratchet & Clank came out in 2016, I've been thinking of Sega and Paramount Animation hiring Kevin Munroe to direct a theatrical animated Sonic The Hedgehog film. The main characters would be once again played by their original voice actors while celebrity actors would cast in supporting...
  5. brodie999

    My Video Game Pitch

    During the last past few 1 and a half week, I came up with a brilliant idea for a brand new video game pitc. But I eventually heard in order for large game studios to start taking me seriously, I have to reach out indie game developers and ask them to do it for me. I just emailed TinyBuild and...
  6. brodie999

    How To Build a Marvel Animated Universe.

    If I were to give advice to Jeph Loeb and Man of Action on how to build a much better Marvel Universe block, It would be all of these things. -Have far more characters from the Marvel Universe appear in the series. -Have more continuity and less comedy in their shows. -Rely less on Disney...
  7. brodie999

    How Different Would Avengers: EMH S2 Have Been If Man of Action and Jeph Loeb Never Got Involved With the Series At All?

    I know how everyone feels about Man of Action dumbing down EMH, but I feel like if Christopher Yost and Joshua Fine had been showrunners for all of Season 2 and Man of Action and Jeph Loeb took a backseat behind the production, it would've been just as great and clever as Season 1. I mean, Greg...
  8. brodie999

    New Wolverine and Daredevil Video Games On The Way?

    While Disney and Sony has made quite the best out of their relationship by licensing more characters like Iron Man and the Avengers to Sony and allowing more Spider-Verse characters to appear in the MCU, they clearly want to expand their partnership with the possibility of a Daredevil and...
  9. brodie999

    Characters You Would Have Liked to See In Christopher Yost's Season Two of Avengers: EMH.

    Months ago, I already posted my version of AEMH Season 2 if Jeph Loeb and Man of Action hadn't been involved with the show. Now I'm going to write characters which you would have liked to see in Season 2. Keith Ferguson - Kurse The Ten Rings(MCU version) Roxxon Energy Corporation Doomsday...
  10. brodie999

    Jeph Loeb reportedly leaving Marvel in 2020

    Marvel Animation may find its way back to greatness as Jeph Loeb may be leaving Marvel next year. Mod Note: Link contains explicit language.
  11. brodie999

    If The MCU had original songs for all of their TV series and films

    While the MCU did everything right, it rarely featured original songs in their films and shows. Going back to the first Iron Man film, here's the original songs how I would advise them to create. Iron Man - Born of Iron by Counting Crows A Hero’s Destiny by AC/DC. Path of Redemption by U2 The...
  12. brodie999

    My revamped version for the second half of Avengers: EMH Season 2.

    I know how people, including myself hated the episodes of EMH S2 written by Man of Action when they took over the series, but I feel like if they reported to Christopher Yost and Joshua Fine, they would've followed their direction on the series instead of making the last 10 episodes...
  13. brodie999

    Marvel Television at San Diego Comic Con

    It's a shame that Marvel won't be attending San Diego Comic Con to promote their Phase Four lineup. But at least Marvel Television will be there because Finn Jones is attending a panel for Iron Fist Season 2. I wonder if Marvel has panels planned for Daredevil Season 3 and The Punisher Season...
  14. brodie999

    Is there a Smallville revival being developed?

    I know Smallville has been off the air for 7 years, but many cast members like Justin Hartley, Kristin Kreuk and Callum Blue want a reunion of the show either in live-action or a TV film. But recently, Tom Welling and Michael Rosenbaum responded to a fan at Awesome-Con in Washington D.C last...
  15. brodie999

    Different Ultimates 3 and Ultimatum.

    I've been wondering how different Ultimates 3 and Ultimatum would be if Mark Miller wrote them instead of Loeb. And a lot of people said they would be much better than they were under Loeb because Miller knew these characters while Loeb didn't. If Miller's version of Ultimates 3 and Ultimatum...
  16. brodie999

    My Revamped S2 of Avengers: EMH.

    I have created a concept for the second half of Avengers: EMH S2 where we can pretend Jeph Loeb and Men of Action were never involved and just say it was the Season 2 that everyone would have loved. -Josh Keaton WOULD voice Spider-Man in his episodes and NOT Drake Bell(except for a few small...
  17. brodie999

    Sony Could Be Looking to Sell its Film and TV Studio Unit

    Sony could be exploring the sale of its film and television unit just a week after announcing the departure of Sony Entertainment CEO Michael Lynton. Tokyo executives for the company's Japanese parent have reportedly been meeting with banks recently to hear pitches on a potential sale of Sony...
  18. brodie999

    How A Game-Changing Disney-Netflix Merger Would Rescue ESPN In 2017

    Disney is having a remarkable year, on course for a record-setting $7.6 billion in global box office. One major key to this success has been acquiring other companies with valuable IP and maximizing the growth and revenue potentials. Pixar, Marvel, and Lucasfilm all came into the Disney...
  19. brodie999

    A New Hope: Could Warner Brothers Interactive save Disney Infinity?

    Anyone who actively plays or follows Toys-to-Life games probably knows that the genre saw its first casualty this year: Disney Infinity. Disney Infinity was Disney and Avalanche Software's wildly popular take on the genre and enabled players to assume the roles of popular Disney-owned...
  20. brodie999

    Marvel's Mystery 'MU' project.

    Marvel has just revealed a secret project set for January 2017 Dubbed MU. The most obvious question would be that it might stand for Marvel Universe starting a reboot based on the MCU, There are metal marks on there, Guessing that Wolverine might return from the dead and this also might be the...

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