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    Top 10 Secret Cartoon Network Easter Eggs

    Last major WatchMojo list for now. WatchMojo ranking Easter eggs? Can they even do that? And can I please add that the crossover episode of OK KO is a bunch of Easter eggs even after we ignore the main characters. Everyone else in the background is clearly meant for spotting. That was a...
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    Top 10 Cartoon Network Shows That You Miss/Will Make You Nostalgic

    They have different titles on their site and YouTube. Here I am watching taped uploads (from other people) of all the shows mentioned here for my entertainment, and MsMojo comes and tells me that I miss these shows? That I have nostalgia for them? Who does MsMojo think I am?
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    Top 10 Cartoon Network Theme Songs

    MsMojo decides to put my music taste in my place and count down the best CN intro themes. I call them that because some of them lack lyrics and I refuse to refer to such themes as songs. How much you like this list may depend on how inclined the picks are to your music taste. But I do wish...
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    Top 10 Greatest Cartoon Network Villains of all Time

    WatchMojo gives the bad guys credit as they count down the best villains of the network. Leans towards popularity but not too bad of a list honestly. Especially since they actually acknowledge villains from not-so-popular shows like The Secret Saturdays and Generator Rex.
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    Top 10 Best Cartoon Network Characters of All Time

    Powering through the rest of these right now. WatchMojo picks out the best characters from the network. Pretty much everyone you could expect from the popular shows plus Uncle Grandpa apparently.
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    Top Ten Best CN Shows Nobody Talks About

    Basically filling in for the rest of WatchMojo's CN lists. Check out this list of the hidden gems of Cartoon Netowrk that WatchMojo made. Appreciate the shows that are "rarely" talked about. Rage as Out of Jimmy's Head takes the spot of <insert preferred show here, mine is Sym-Bionic Titan>.
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    Top Ten Worst CN Shows (Five Years Too Late)

    WatchMojo gets stuck in 2014 as they count down the ten worst CN shows. Pretty sure this list started to be made right after the Best CN Shows list from 2014, with heavy support for all candidates early on--essentially shutting out all shows after 2014 even from dishonourable mentions (honestly...
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    Official Discussion Thread for 1999 in Animation

    I decided that in order to understand what value animation held for each decade--in this case the ever so praised 1990's--it would be best to look at it year by year in all areas (shows, movies, and webtoons). And what better year than the dense and glorious year of 1999? I will not go into...
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    Favourite Silly Symphony?

    The place for Disney to experiment with unique animation concepts, spanning about six dozen projects in total. Which one was your favourite?
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    4Kids is dead. Long live its international counterparts.

    Some months ago I made a thread posing the question as to whether Arabic network Spacetoon is the Arabic counterpart of 4Kids, if not worse. I got an affirmative response. Now I want to see the entire global situation. 4Kids was notorious for its ways of butchering anime, but other dubbing...
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    Thoughts on School Days??

    Because why not? It is regarded as one of the most divisive anime out there, and I wanted to know what this community thinks.
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    Is it common for celebrities to be featured in anime?

    Previously in another area of the forums, I did some scouting for animated series starring celebrities. Of all the series I found, only one was an anime: AKB0048, based off the band AKB48 (you might count "pseudo-anime" Hi Hi Puffy AmiYumi starring Puffy AmiYumi to my statement, though). Now, I...
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    What technology was used to have the hosts' mouths move back on CCF?

    Back when CN introduced cartoon characters as hosts for Cartoon Cartoon Fridays in 2000, they did so in a way that actually looked quite authentic. Part of what made it stand out was how well the lip-synching was--and I distinctly recall someone mentioning that special technology was used to...
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    Cartoon Network Has Trouble Making Good Video Games

    I am not referring to any of their online games like their website-exclusive Flash games or FusionFall. And in terms of properties, games specific to one property are out of the question. No, I am talking about block party games containing multiple CN franchises. Considering that Christina...
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    Minor Gripe I Have with the "World Premiere Toons" Moniker

    What A Cartoon!, when premiering back in 1995, was billed under the label "World Premiere Toons". By 1996, it decided to simply go with The What A Cartoon! Show. This would continue until 2000 when it would be rebooted as The Cartoon Cartoon Show, an anthology series consisting of What A...
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    Cartoon Network Does Not Make Many Shows Putting Girls in the Main Spotlight

    No duh, even if most shows have a girl as the main character. (Sorry if my post is rant-like. I just wanted to say something for the sake of it for now.) Cartoon Network is definitely not against female characters in cartoons—especially when two of the four presidents were women—but they still...
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    Should Toonzone Create a New Fansite/Revamp the Old Fridays Fansite for This Forum?

    Those who used the Cartoon Network/Boomerang section of the Toonzone forums during the first half of the 2000's may be familiar with the now-archived Fridays Fansite. It was supposed to be revamped as something called CN Blox, but it fell through. I know why it was revamped-- looking in the...
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    Archived Interview with Boomerang Straight from the archives of the Fridays Fansite of this forum is this interview from 2004. I wanted to share it with you because of how different the channel has become over time...made clear...
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    Official Celebrity Endorsement Cartoon Thread

    Something that has been puzzling me is what makes a celebrity endorsement cartoon a celebrity endorsement cartoon-- and all of the shows that fall under such a category. I want to make an official list in this thread and discuss every possible celebrity endorsement cartoon known. What is a...
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    What Was the Scrapped CN Original "Electric Girl" Going to Be?

    I was looking through some old CN Toonzone threads and came across a few notes of this show coming soon (discussed a few times from late September 2004 to February 2006 before suddenly disappearing from discussion altogether). I did a quick search outside Toonzone for any other information but...

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