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  1. Looneyfanfan

    Did Woody Woodpecker get a endcard on Fox Kids?

    Hello, I'm just here to say did Woody Woodprcker get a endcard on Fox Kids? It did air in the 2000-2002 era
  2. Looneyfanfan

    Fox Kids moving from 2PM to 4PM back in 2001. Why exactly?

    I heard it was because of Fox owned stations refusing to air the block
  3. Looneyfanfan

    Fox Kids was awesome

    Too bad I wasn't there
  4. Looneyfanfan

    Thoughts on Digimon (as a anime)

    I honestly think it's the greatest anime ever. The characters have different feelings and the story feels so amazing. Adventure 02 was ehh
  5. Looneyfanfan

    Toon Disney Mysteries: 1

    What day exactly did Toon Disney switch it's logo in 2005
  6. Looneyfanfan

    If Fox Kids still ran from 2002

    1. It would be a block for such a long time 2. Europe would air 24/7 while running for a LONG time 3. Jetix wouldn't exist
  7. Looneyfanfan

    People who have watched CN UK in April 2005-September 2010

    This was the CN i remember Despite me being born in April 2007 I have fond memories of the logo switch
  8. Looneyfanfan

    Why i hate Pop UK

    1. Garbage Shows during the day and night 2. Only like 5 good shows 3. TOO MUCH ALVIN I want qubo here
  9. Looneyfanfan

    When did you think CN went downhill?

    I think literally after the Looney Tunes marathon in 2009
  10. Looneyfanfan

    Cartoon Network Portugal Had It Bad.

    Imagine losing a Timeshare one month And a couple of months later you witness that you are gonna shut down into a worse version. Honestly i hate CN portugal Now CN HQ was CN EMEA 2006 CN MEA 2014 CN A 2016-ONWARDS
  11. Looneyfanfan

    Why TCM was annoying

    It was a Tumor for CN. Most CN feeds got rid of it Between 2008-2015
  12. Looneyfanfan

    Thoughts on the Bone Comics?

    I think they are good

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