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  1. Azrayel

    What Did You Buy/Get This Month- February 2012

    If you are intrested in posting this thread with the game release dates PM me. I no longer have the time to be able to do this. February 2012 February 1st Country Dance: Special Edition- Wii Happy Action Theater-360 February 7th Balloon Pop 2- 3DS Dance Magic- 360/PS3 Fallout: New Vegas...
  2. Azrayel

    What Did You Buy/Get This Month?- January 2012

    It's a New Year and I'm sure we have a great year of gaming a head of us! January 3rdSledge Hammer- 360 Two Worlds II: Pirates of the Flying Fortress- 360 January 10th Crush 3D- 3DS Deadliest Warrior: Ancient Combat- 360/PS3 My Pet Puppy 3D- 3DS National Geographic Challenge!- PS3 NFL Blitz-...
  3. Azrayel

    What Did You Buy/Get This Month?- December 2011

    Sorry guys for not posting the release dates. Been pretty busy at school. I'll try working on it this weekend though.
  4. Azrayel

    What Did You Buy/Get This Month?- November 2011

    November 2011 November 1st Air Conflicts: Secret Wars- PS3 Angel Code: A Linda Hyde Mystery- PC Batman: Arkham City Nightwing Bundle Pack Black Water- 360 Cabela’s Survival: Shadows of Katamai- 360/Wii/PS3 Cabela’s Adventure Camp- Wii/PS3/360 Cars 2- 3DS Fate/Extra- PSP Gears of War 3: Horde...
  5. Azrayel

    What Did You Buy/Get This Month?- October 2011

    I'll try and post the video release dates later this week. Nonetheless, some of the games I look forward to this month is Arkham City, Crysis, Spiderman Edge of Time, and Dragon Ball Z Ultimate Tenkaichi.
  6. Azrayel

    What Did You Buy/Get This Month?- September 2011

    September 5th Mega Man Dual Pack Dead Island Blood Bath Arena September 6th BloodRayne Betrayal- PSN Casino Chaos With Las Vegas Players Collection Dead Island- Techland/Deep Silver; 360/PS3/PC/OnLive Disgaea 4: A Promise Unforgotten- Nippon Ichi Software; PS3 Driver: San Francisco- Ubisoft...
  7. Azrayel

    Pokemon Cards

    I've been wanting to sell this big lot of pokemon cards I have, I have rares, uncommons, trainer, shiny (as in differnt color pokemon) commons and other stuff. I was wondering where would you sell these cards at besides an online place such as ebay. I'm looking for something more along the lines...
  8. Azrayel

    rumored PSP2 Well I think its cool to see that a psp2 is somewhat confirmed. I wonder how the graphics will be on this one, and whether or not there are some games I'd consider getting.
  9. Azrayel

    TSSM, WaTXM or IMAA - Best Season Finale?

    Alright so I have a question, since all three of these shows have had there season 1 finale aired on television, which do you think was the best out of all three of them and why? I'd have to say Iron Man's was the best because I felt that everything was coming all together, with Gene revealing...
  10. Azrayel

    Booker T. Plans to leave TNA "There was a blow up last night at the TNA tapings when Booker T refused to do a job for Matt Morgan. According to a TNA source who confirmed the story, Booker's contract is about to expire and negotiations for a new deal aren't going well. We had...
  11. Azrayel

    Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days News and Discussion Thread

    Well seeing as the other topic was old and wasn't much then speculation I thought I'd make a new thread. So anyways in about a month KH 358/2 will come to North America on September 29th. Which this game will be focusing on Roxas (Sora's nobody) and the setting of this game will take place...
  12. Azrayel

    Smackdown vs Raw 2010 News and Discussion Thread

    Well the time has come around again for WWE's annual SVR game. With this years theme as "It's Your World Now" SVR10 Trailer Current Roster (will be updated) Christian Cody Rhodes Dolph Ziggler Edge Jack Swagger John Cena John Morrison JTG Kofi...
  13. Azrayel

    Batman vs Batman Beyond

    Alright so I'm not sure if this topic belongs here but bare with me. Alright so I've been wondering for a while now who was a better Batman, Bruce or Terry. So I watched some BB episodes on Demand and watched some BTAS and BTNAS, and came to a conclusion in my opinion that Bruce was a better...
  14. Azrayel

    Batman Beyond Season 4?

    So I wanted to get some more backround knowledge on batman beyond the episodes, the basic idea and all that stuff and according to wikipedia (thats where i went) there were 4 seasons but only 3 were aired. So I was wondering do you think that if any program (DXD, CN, NT, ect.) were to get this...
  15. Azrayel

    Disney Channel and Disney XD

    Alright so i've been wondering this for a while now, but why does Disney Channel give DXD there old shows on there and not just let them stay on DC till people forget about it? Like The Suite life of Zack and Cody/and suite life on deck, Phineas and Furb, Cory in The house (its coming soon)...

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